Elective Thoughts About 2012

      I have heard many, many Presidents say different things over the years, but the worst and most unbelievable and stupid was and shall always be George W. Bush. He made promises never kept, he raised taxes and gave tax breaks to the rich, and declared there was no such thing as Global Warming just for starters. He also never knew till told,on Television gas prices went over 3 bucks a gallon!  Sadly, Mr. Bush was given a second term and he ran the country four more years than he should have. In eight years in office Mr. Bush destroyed America and put us so far in the red, the rest of the world downgraded us, after he left.  I know and understand why Mr. Bush got a second term it was simple like someone said to me one day, when I asked why would they vote for him, the answer, he got us into the war, I wanted to give him a chance at getting us out. Not a smart reason to reelect a President who had no idea what he was really doing.

       Now we are in 2012, the Iowa Caucasus has spoken and so have the people of New Hampshire to the nation and the Republicans, they choose Mitt Romney in both cases to lead the fight against President Obama, shouldn’t the rest of the Republican world listen to them? We shall see as South Carolina speaks next, I just hope when they do on the 21st of January here, they don’t make a big mess out of the whole system.

       I read a piece this am on the internet that said, the only thing standing between Mitt Romney and the Republican Nomination is Newt Gingrich and his new Super Pac. If this is so, I would recommend the Republicans and Independents who back Mitt Romney tell Mr. Gingrich to stop what he is doing. This in fighting between Republican Candidates that endlessly attacks Mitt Romney or whoever may lead the pack at the time, needs to stop. If the Republicans want a fair chance at winning the National Election come November 2012, you better stop giving the opposition ammunition to fire at your own party and candidates. Your only killing your own party’s chances come November.

       That said lets just take a short look backwards now at history some. Presidents who take us to war  get more terms than those who don’t, why is that? The same dumb excuse someone told me to reelect George W. Bush, they got us in it let them get us out right, wrong! Wars are not games with little toy soilders you played as a kid. Nor are they necessary to solving world problems unless it involved stopping killing of innocents, we really need to care about. Even then who the hell are we, the world’s police force, nope, mind our own I recommend.

      In the end this is what I see as an Independent Voter, who can vote anyway I damn well want come November. People get swayed in elections by silly things candidates say or do. It’s not what they say they can do, it’s not what they can do, it is what will they do. If you want any Candidate for the Presidency to actually do the job they promise then you need to give them a Congress that will back them up and help them pass the necessary changes needed to change and improve our country and it’s economy and standing in the world. Remember, when you elect a Congress that doesn’t back the President you elected, you are only asking for a log jam and stalemate in Washington, DC and hurting all Americans by doing so.



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