Creation and Theories, But……

       Mark Twain said it and i believe it, everyone can write, but only a few are really writers. Styles change, people grow and something they say things they don’t know, but, most writers try to verify facts and then take literary license as they go along. It’s true not everything you read is one hundred percent truth!.

     No on can honestly say, that the world’s problems belong to all of us, they don’t really. Each person has small problems and some larger ones, so we all try to survive at our own rate. Some of us don’t make it through the whole thing and surrender others well, they soar through with flying colors. Such are the fates of civilization on this bright blue ball of a planet we call earth.

         Fates control things we humans can not, some say God does, but is there really a god? Because if we all stop to look at this mankind’s and the universes creation comes down to a few theories, yet no one can answer them all fully or prove the exact way we all got here, planets, universe and people.

           We have the theory of The Big Bang, where two particles got together and bam a larger one multiplied from that collision and kept on happening all this is , is here. If so then please tell me where the two originating particles came from and why it produced all of what is here?

             We have evolution, while we know parts of Evolution are true if we examine the species on the planet and how humanity came from the sea and moved to land. It still leaves us with the ultimate question does it not, we may have evolved from another species or from a water mammal or whatever, but, if so can we follow the pattern of evolution back to where we all came from, no!

       The last one to hold on in many hearts and minds is the Religious one, that God created all there is and thus we have survived and become what is here. Is this the truth of all creation and if so, then the final question has still not been answered has it? If God created the Universes, the planet, and all life forms, then can anyone answer us the big question where did this God come from, and what true form does he or she take? We will never know, will we, for if we were intended to know, by whatever created us or who created us, we would know by now.

        Just as one must wonder where all creation comes from, one must also wonder why all there is ultimately dies or ceases to exist. There is no permanent power source for humanity, animals,particles, or anything else that lives or shows some form of life. It all dies eventually doesn’t it? So, will we ever solve the mystery of where all came from and how all was created that we live in, I doubt it, but it can be interesting to balance and study all of the theories, isn’t it!.



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