Cancer the Deadly Killer Strikes

      I will be 56 years old if I reach January 25th, 2012 and I have lived through many things here in America,but somethings you just wish didn’t happen at all to the ones you love and care about. My life has been filled with people I have loved, hated and sometimes just put up with, but the ones you care about always count most.

       Way back in the 1970’s I first heard the word Cancer. A deadly word and a deadly disease, sadly it kills millions a year across the globe. They have so many forms of it, it is hard to imagine, but yet there it is. Progress has been made fighting cancer but not enough as  some shall see here.

         In the 1970s I was a  teenager still in High School when I first heard the word Cancer. It came up in a conversation about the first girl I was ever attracted to. I found it hard to believe but it was true for her and still is today. So that was my first hearing of cancer, but far from the last for sure.

          Joining the cancer victim list, next came my real father in 1983, he died of lung cancer smoking too much and he left behind 9 kids and a wife. Sadly, I didn’t know him that well although I did meet him a few times, but his death took him away at 55, my age currently.

           In 1990 after spending 16 years in the military serving my country I came home. When I did I found another cancer victim in my family, my step-father God Rest his soul. He was diagnosed with Cancer in February of 1990 and by October of 1990 he died in a hospital. He refused anything except pain medications, and died in a hospital bed. But Cancer wasn’t done yet, was it?

      While my step-father was dying of cancer we received a phone call from the Doctors, and had to meet in a hospital board room. As we stood there we watched mom as her Doctor explained she had cancer and was dying too. She died one year and 1 day after her then husband. Cancer had now ravaged one girlfriend and three parents on me, was it finally over? Nope!

        1993 I met my second wife, who was healthy, and fine and we became very happy together. We married 7 years later in our new backyard of the home we bought, under the beautiful willow trees, the year 2000. by 2004, we headed to Doctors something was wrong with her. After trips to Doctors, and Hospitals and even New York for specialist we found out she now had Breast Cancer, it struck again.

        We spent a year  with my wife in and out of chemo treatments and then radiation treatments, I ended up shaving her beautiful hair from her head. But she survived this bout and overcame having to take medications and survive. Today is now 2012 as we all know, this is now going on our 12th year together, come September, hopefully we will make it that far.

       January 7, 2012, the phone rang again, the Doctor called my wife had her MRI done a few days before. The Doctor told her on the phone, something is there, three nodes have shown up and two are lighting up the MRI. Instant depression set in for her and for me, what now, where do we go and what do we do? I have no idea and neither does she really. She will need biopsies again to determine if it is cancer or fatty tumors. Once we know we of course will do what ever is necessary to try to save her life. Cancer what a nasty word, cancer it cripples, it destroys, it injures and in the end it kills. I just hope for me, and for my wife it doesn’t take her from me!. I know without her, I would crumple and she knows it too!. So Pray for her and lets hope for the best and stay positive is all I can do.


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