FIght of the Year, 2012 Election

      Monday has arrived for many it is a new week of work beginning and the constant struggle of survival goes on. I know here in America these days it is becoming harder and harder to survive and get what is needed to survive. Politicians live like fat cats at a large open can of food and endless supplies of money. They get paid no matter what they do, they are indeed the one species or personnel group that can actually do nothing and get paid still. Why?

     As the year goes a little further and i get closer to my 56th birthday this month, I look back and wonder what President in my lifetime really accomplished anything in Office?.

      I come up with only a few names really, I lived through the end of Eisenhower’s term as a baby so I know not much of him. Kennedy as many know was a big racial equality man and did stop a war between us and Russia, so he do accomplish somethings in his short time in Office. Johnson carried on Kennedy’s Civil Rights acts and ran Vietnam and lost the damn war for us all.

      Richard Nixon, held the economy in check, took us off the gold standard, and kept prices in reach for the American People. He also took us out of the war and got his ass caught in Watergate. But he had one hell of a policy for  affairs, opening up Russia and China.

      In between what Presidents really did much for the USA and it’s people, can you tell me really. Ford nope, Carter tried but he was held back and stomped out by Congress like Obama is getting now. Reagan, every one wants to honor Reagan and be him right, why? Well he did survive the assassination attempt, he did take credit for getting the Berlin Wall down and Rescuing Hostages but what did he really accomplish, showing a strong face to the world, the economy, prices started their climb.

      President Clinton even with his infidelities and personal problems did what few Presidents could do, he actually balanced the budget and took us from the red to the black during his terms in office. Shouldn’t someone ask him how he did it and get his advice now?

          The Bush Presidencies hurt America in many ways, the father not as bad as the son and it is sad they ever occurred in my book. The son only ran to try to repair his father’s reputation and record, and ended up being five times worse than his dad.

           Now Obama is in and everyone wants his to clear up the economic mess that took BUsh 8 years to make, in four years in office, come on America wake up. No one can do that in four years, you felt ok about Bush and his wars and gave him four more to get us out which he failed to do, we should give Obama four more years just based on the fact he is working on the economy got us out of Iraq and carries himself well in office. Wake up America, the election is coming in November you better study well these candidates for the Republicans versus President Obama. In The end sometimes it is easier to stay with what we have and it works best!



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