Apology/ Election Rumble Ahead

      Welcome back Internet World! After days of problems with my Internet connection I am back online again. Sadly, I blamed Comcast for the failure of my connection and found out in the end it wasn’t all their fault, so I owe them an apology, which I am offering here and now.

        That now said and done, lets discuss these Republican Debates in New Hampshire last night. Did anyone really challenge the leader Mitt Romney, nope!. Mitt stood there took the hits and swung back so to speak and it matters not what the rest said, he was standing tall at the end.

           The problem with this field of Republican Candidates is simple, not a one of them has no faults or problems. They are all flawed in someway it seems and the least flawed is Romney at this stage. The rest it seems have problems or a lack of experience in their own ways.

            Jon Huntsman tried to fight back last night but in the end he didn’t attack Romney at all, he backed off at the critical moments. His working for President Obama in China was brought up and in the end he let Romney get away with that crap.

            Ron Paul is the senior statesman of the group here, but he is also the most liberal unrealistic one of all of these candidates. Really now, we shouldn’t fight any wars no matter what? We should mind our own? I believe like many we have fought wars we don’t belong in, but total isolation, nope can’t happen.

        Rick Perry, in my opinion needs to saddle up his horse and ride on back to Texas. He is ridiculous in his answers and his actions in this run for the Presidency and at this time he really is not a viable contender.

         Rick Santorum, comes up next in my mind to contend with Romney and he is not capable at this time on this level. While Santorum wants to combine religious beliefs with political beliefs he is wrong on too many issues and not prepared at this time to run America. Mr. Santorum is a nice enough person, but between his earmarks while in office and his slightly racial tint he has been painted with, well, you get the idea.

        Newt Gingrich the proud once Speaker of The House. His baggage is big from 3 marriages and infidelity to political swamps so deep, he couldn’t swim through them if he was a teenager again. He is too rough, too self-centered and while he would make a Secretary of Defense or a Secretary of State, he will not make a President.

      So the choices left for the Republican Party are very few who they will Nominate and run against President Obama in my opinion and I believe we shall see a Obama, Romney nationwide election happen. If I were Mitt Romney I would study Obama’s record more closely, update myself on all issues needed to run this country through good advisors, and get ready to rumble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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