Cable Companies Lie to Customers!

     This am I woke up feeling pretty good, until, I sat down at my computer to check the news online over my computer and through my Comcast connection. It goes in and out and in and out on me, then I call Comcast and tell them it’s them, no unplug the router, unplug the modem, shut down the computer, wait two minutes plug it all back in, lol. This happens six times in 3 hours, so I say the hell with it and go to bed.

          I awaken the next morning and stumble out of bed and down to my kitchen to get coffee, to get ahead. Getting my coffee I sit down to blog and the computer won’t go online still, what the hell!. Now I am pissed so I go and unplug the modem, unplug the router, and wait two minutes, plug-in one after the other once more and poof the internet is back!. When a company the size of Comcast tells you in a phone recording their lines are busy and are slow to answer, their service is screwed up and they are working on it. People tend to ask them is something wrong and Comcast’s technicians on the phone don’t know how to reset a modem or connection except what they are told. Sadly Comcast and Charter and other cable providers are not smart enough to just tell their customers we have a problem and are working on it, dumb indeed. It is how they lose customers and piss us off, don’t lie to us ok!

        If you are having a problem providing the service you give to customers at least tell the truth and work to fix it, even if it is in a recorded message!. Services are counted on by millions of people daily to write blogs, stories, check e-mails, play games or whatever some would like to do online. Be honest with us all and we will indeed be honest with you and forgiving and cooperate. It makes the whole situation that much easier to stand, ok! Besides Cable Companies, do you really think all customers don’t know DNS Server  not present, or can’t be found, is not your server, it is and we all know it is. So just admit the problem and fix the damn server and we can all move on ok, lying doesn’t make us customers happy at all.



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