Iowa Caucuses Ends

      The end of the Iowa Caucuses s took place this am, in the closest contest in history, Mitt Romney won by 8 votes over Santorum. One win does not pave the way for Mitt Romney nor is it much to brag about, he needs to fight a lot better in New Hampshire and South Carolina to get himself on a roll. Being an Independent myself, I don’t really care who wins the Republican Nomination, I always wait till the choice is between two candidates to pick.

        As the primaries continue next in New Hampshire, where the people speak their own mind and make their own choices, no one should bet they have it won in any way. New Hampshire is a proud state and it’s people will tell you if you listen, we don’t care what others say, we are going to pick our choice our way!. So, if I were Romney, Santorum, Paul, or Gingrich, I would get my tail there and speak with a straight tongue and intelligently.

       The Future of America, does not only belong to the Presidential Race and these candidates and President Obama it really belongs to the American People. Listen up folks, While who is in the White House is important to represent the American People, we need to look at the Senate Races and The House of Representative races also. These parts of our Government are screwing the America, and pointing at each other and saying no, he did it, no he did it like children in the cartoon strip in the Sunday Paper in the Family Circus. They need to be woken up and slapped across the face, and told to get off their asses and do something for us. While many Americans finished 2011, hungry, broke,homeless, on the streets, and out of work, these politicians lived in big homes, lots of power and heat and food and gifts to give!. Are they to continue staying in office living off of the money we Americans pay them to help us, when they don’t do a thing for us?.

       The American people suffer without jobs, without food, without homes and no place to turn for help and these politicians get fatter and laugh at us. We need to replace each politician who didn’t do their job in the Senate, in the House or in the White House if need be. Just be carefull who you vote in, because we don’t need more nay sayers, we don’t need no more me, me, me people, what we need is more We, We, We People!. Fight back Americans!


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