Happy Birthday to my Daughter!/ Politics for All

      January 2nd, 2012, hard to belive but here we are!.

       Well, each January 2nd, I stop and think of my eldest daughter, Eileen Marie, who made me a father and a proud one too. She was born way back on this date in 1982, after I walked her mother around for hours to get her to be delivered. Finally she decided to enter the world on the 2nd day of the year and made me smile and cry with joy. Happy Birthday, to You Eileen and May your 30th, be just as happy and loving as your very first was!.

       The New Year begins and tomorrow so does the Presidential Race and fight for Glory and Position and Power. Personally speaking I believe, we should skip the whole presidential Debates and Primaries and just stay with who we have and give him a chance to finish what he has started, turning it all around.

        But the first caucus will hit in Iowa tomorrow and the televisions, radios and papers will be filled with the statements and fights and winning and losing by the Republican candidates. Once more, this long drawn out all-american process begins and the American People must listen to so much bullshit to get to the facts. I think if someone is serious about winning the President’s job, then they should all learned to speak with straight tounges,honesty and common sense, tell us the truth and what you will do to fix it all is all!.

       I care not if, Mitt Romney doesn’t like Ron Paul, or Rick Perry or any other candidate, fight on your own time on the side ok!. I don’t care if Newt Gingrich thinks Ron Paul id dangerous, Rick Perry can’t speak straight, Michelle Bachman is a woman, Jon Huntsman didn’t play in Iowa or any other such crap. I want to know what you can really do, to fix the economy, create jobs, lower housing costs, costs of living, health costs, fix the social security system and Medicaid and in the end make America the power we once were once more. Bring back our credit rating, bring back manufacturing, stop other countries from stealing  our jobs and in the end stop illegal immigration and make the system work once more.

    Sadly, the Presidential Race for the Republicans has not produced any answers for the above things and not one candidate can honestly quote a full plan with true and honest results for any of it, can they? When will Americans hear the truth out of these candidates running for President, including our current one? It is an American custom it seems to baffle the people with political bullshit to get elected then get in office and not be able to do what they promised. sad isn’t it?

       Well, enough of that subject for today!. The Politicians and the Newscasters shall continue no matter my opinion or reasons for not wanting to hear it anymore!

         God Bless America and May we make Congress work once more for us all! November is coming faster than any of us will want, if we are all smart we will indeed vote out the ones holding offices now in Congress  and replace them with ones who will compromise and make the system work once more for all!.


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