2012- Begins-Welcome

      A new Year, a new beginning hopefully for all!.

      Like a new-born baby sticking its head out of a womb, 2012 begins with no knowledge of a past and no sight of its future. It shall make its own in time like all good children do.

        For me, 2012 marks, 30 years since my eldest daughter was born on January 2nd, 1982.  I love both my daughters very much but I don’t see them much due to the divorce and distances and financial problems. I just want to let my eldest daughter to know, I love her so and as much as I do her sister, but we can not communicate the same. Sadly there is a  distance between my eldest daughter and I, and I wish I knew how to overcome it all.

       That said so the world can now see it, onto the next subject, the beginning of the real run for the White House. The Republicans begin their ascent or in some cases descents into the madness of this race for power and prestige. Who will get the Nomination on the Republican side? Well in my opinion, the race is down to a very few at this moment in time in all reality.

       Mitt Romney has been Mr. Steady from the beginning of it all and looks like a strong possibility right now. Than there is Rick Santorum who has come charging up from the pack to challenge Mitt.  These two look like the two possibilities out of a pack of candidates running currently.

         Ron Paul I would say will not win or get the Nomination, too radical and liberal for a real Republican. Rick Perry is a hopeless candidate lost in the woods and too far out of his safe zones to even come close. Michelle Bachman makes some very good points in many areas, sounds presidential, but as we all know, if the Democrats would not give their nomination to Hillary Clinton, don’t expect the Republicans to give theirs to Mrs. Bachman, she is no, Hillary Clinton.  Newt Gingrich, carries far too much baggage to even be a serious contender here and is far too gruff and rough to get any nomination. Then there is Jon Huntsman, while he at times sounds like a straight shooter and an honest man, he lacks the experience to manage the country except in political affairs.

       By the time the Republican Nomination happens expect one candidate to remain standing, whether that will be Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum , that depends on what the Republicans really want as their standard-bearer. An old reliable steady  like Romney, or a slightly new one in Santorum. Your guess is as good as mine in this thing, but, at least the choice will be there.

      Can Barack Obama, who we already know will be the Democrats candidate as the Incumbent win reelection to a second term? Did he do enough to help his country and promote it and is he strong enough to get a second term? The American people must determine that, my suggestion for President Obama, bring what you have done to the table and let America know what you have accomplished and why? And what you couldn’t accomplish and why also!.

         As 2012 begins to unfold, I think back to something my step-father said when he was dying: Do not grieve for me son, my time has come, I shall be gone. For you who are younger the minutes shall pass, the hours and the days, soon becoming months and years and taking your memories of me away. Live life to the fullest, enjoy it all, love and laugh and have a ball, you only live once after all !!!. So welcome 2012 and May you bring us all peace and happiness and some joy!


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