2012, Promise and Hope

      Wave good-bye today to 2011, it ends at midnight tonight!. As we all know today is indeed New Years Eve. Here in Connecticut I woke this morning to rain outside and a chill in the air. It seems to fit 2011 as a year, it was a cold, damp, ragged year, filled with ups and downs and very few solid gold moments of pleasure and fun.

       First and foremost I want everyone to be careful, don’t over do on booze or drugs, or anything else. Last till 2012 begins ok, don’t die as you bring it in!.  A new Year can be refreshing and you can indeed clear up problems from the old one if you try hard enough. Of course as we all know, no amount of partying, drinking, drugging, or anything else will wipe away mistakes made in the prior year, but, at least you have learned what not to do twice.

        Lets me say, I hope 2012 will be the year in which humanity will learn to live in peace the world over, America will solve its financial crisis like adults and pay its bills. The middle class in America will get a full chance at recovery and make it back and we recognize Global Warming is indeed killing the planet and us with it, and we clean up our act. Across the world in so many time zones the clock shall strike midnight, and a new beginning is in the promise for all, lets hope to God, that we are smart enough to do what is right to save our planet, ourselves and to make a better world period.

       2011, brought the deaths of many famous people as we all know, the list goes on from Elizabeth Taylor to Steve Jobs and many more. As Americans lose our heroes, from many different professions and areas, we tend to find some replacements still around out there. Fame though is a fleeting item and can indeed disappear as fast as it came. Many don’t want fame and hide from it, I am with them on that point, why let the world stare into your private life and make a mess of it for you?

         Everyone, or at least many use the New Year, to make resolutions and to try to stick to them, some of us really did reach them and accomplish what we wanted. I beat smoking, cigarettes were a part of my life for 30 years, and I overcame and stopped. I saved that money for more necessary things in life and some pleasures.

       So, as 2012 begins one minute past midnight, tonight, stop and think what you can do to make the world a better place to live for yourself, your family, your friends and the planet too. Lets pay attention to the world environment, the populations, and the materials we waste and use up for no reasons.

      2012 will also be the biggest year for American Politics in many decades if you stop to think about it. We are faced with the beginning of the year-long process of choosing an American President once again, or keeping the one we have. Americans, you want to make an intelligent choice when you vote this 2012, not a silly one.

        America needs a strong, smart leader, with compassion, intelligence, and able to lead and stand tall. America needs someone who will compromise, listen and help us all, to a better life and place in the world and turn around the economy and more. Dont’ let people tell you the current President didn’t work for the people, because he sure as hell has. He has worked to save Social Security, Medicaid, he has come up with a Health Law that needs time to take effect and helps millions. He pulled us from Iraq and Iran and is working on ending Afghanistan, all wars we didn’t need and still don’t want. The morasses of war will destroy us that is for sure. America must stop policing other nations, defending other nations and entering wars we don’t belong in.

      In closing, 2011, was a  year filled with Dictators falling, criminals caught up to, terrorist killed and removed and more. I know we must defend and protect our own and our borders, let’s do so correctly and peacefully as possible. One final message on 2011, across America this country has been built on immigration, a flux of new comers who come in and bring different talents, occupations and knowledge. I understand the millions out there who came here illegally and broke our laws. We don’t need to make a bigger mess of this, and try to deport all of them at once, and be marked as fools in society period. We do need to form laws and enforce them to prevent further influxes and to protect out borders. The ones who are here over a period of time we need to make citizens and make pay their fair share. The ones not here yet and trying to get in, we need to make them do so legally, period.

       That all said and done, I want to Wish All,  Americans, and the World,

        A Very Happy New Year, and I hope one filled with Promise and Hope!



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