New Year WIshes and Thoughts

     2011, is coming to an end, tomorrow shall be New Year’s Eve, people will be celebrating all over the world. Out with the old and in with the new, it seems each year it’s the thing to do! So as the big evening comes around I want to wish all a Happy New Year and a Safe one too!.

      Unlike many people in the world and especially in the United States, I have never partied New Years Eve away. I use it in a different way than most, for I sit at home and reflect on the past year and those before it. It gives me time to think about what I have missed, what I should have done, mistakes I may have made and what I would do to change things if I could.

       Reflecting back, sometimes helps you determine the future, determine what you may want most or what you did wrong and wish you did right most. We all have those moments in time I am sure, when we become sad about something we didn’t do correctly or we had control over but let it slip by. The important thing is to reflect on it all and remember the ones you wish you had changed and not make the same mistakes over again!.

     2012, should be a year of changes in America I would hope. We need improvements in the economy, the jobs and housing markets, and in health care too. We need to pay attention to the environment and global warming, the glaciers are melting and in one hundred years there will be too many people for the land masses to hold as the waters rise. The climate and environment are changing at unbelievable rates, and humanity is not only destroying the planet by taking so much from it, we are polluting the hell out of our atmosphere, we are indeed committing suicide!.

       I am not in a leadership position anywhere in the world, but those that are should consider and think about all I am saying.  Yet I know as do billions of other human beings, my voice is like one tree falling in a forest, no one can hear or see it, yet it still tumbles on.

         Across the world in less than 48 hours, a New Year will begin!. I have my ideas on what it should bring for my family, my friends and loved ones, do you? Let the New Year be Prosperous for all, Awakings for Politicians and Leaders so they can see Peace and make it last!. May 2012 bring Hope and Joy, and Love to All. May Mankind be kinder, may we all have patience, may we all find a way to Compromise!.




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