Breaking Down Republicans Chances!

     In a world filled with doubt, hate, and despair and fear, we go on. What shall it bring for 2012?. Will there be more factories closings, more store closings, and fewer jobs again? Will all costs rise and no one have a way to pay their way anymore?. Congress needs to wake up and realize too many unemployed and hurting Americans need their help, and to move their asses to help all.

        Next we need to keep our eyes wide open for attacks upon America on American soil!. Too many enemies exist when you’re a country like America trying to lead the way to a better life. We don’t always have people agreeing with us and that causes another problem of contempt, jealousy, and hate. These thing pile up and can boil over toward us, big time.

        On a lesser note, but not unimportant of course, comes the 2012 Election Cycle in full tilt for the Republicans. The remaining ones are  fighting it out, with five days left to go. Foolish as it all seems they do need to produce a candidate to oppose President Obama. When I look at the match-ups they can make, I wonder why they even bother really?. The candidates they have come up with, seem unable to go toe to toe so to say with President Obama, without imploding upon themselves,

       The Favorite when this started and the leader of the pack at the beginning, was Michelle Bachman. She spoke tough, pure and honest and stood tall. But that being said she has also faded from the leader position to the back of the pack, why, because as we all know the Republicans could never nominate a woman.

       Then came Cain, then went Cain. You can’t be running for President under the big lights and pressure and being messing around with the opposite sex or any sex. They will indeed pull the rug out from under you, like they did Herman Cain. Sadly Mr. Cain did not realize how much public exposure he really had, did he?

     Then riding his pony and trying to be tough and bold comes Gingrich, the former Speaker of The House. As soon as I saw him I saw the trouble that can follow this man about. His three marriages, his past record in  the government and more. I knew than, like I do now no way can he get the nomination, too much damage control needed here and too reckless. You can’t try being bullet proof, when your already hit with bullets so many times it’s like swiss cheese armour!.

Mitt Romney has held steady at the twenty-five percent range from the beginning of this primary run. Holding steady is ok, as long as it keeps one in the running. Sooner or later though his share will have to go up higher to beat anyone out here. Romney does have some baggage from prior runs and his term in office in his home state. Yet at no time is any of that bad enough to run him from this race. So I call Romney Mr. Steady right now and we shall see what happens next.

        I believe by the end of the New Hampshire Primary the Republican field will thin out. Rick Santorum may be able to hold on a bit, now that he has the lead in some states or areas, but his name recognition factor and over all lack of experience will more than likely slow him and eliminate him in the near future sometime.

        Then we come to the surging, and popular elder statesman, Mr. Ron Paul of Texas. His liberal republican views and ideas are dangerous to himself and the country and we all know America would not vote him in. Yet he keeps trying and trying, his views for a Republican are so far out there and off the mark, people tend to listen, clap and then laugh before he leaves the stage. So,I doubt America will allow him to lead, nor will his own party give him its nomination.

        That leaves Mr/ Rick Perry of Texas it’s Governor. Well in my opinion, even before you get to this first primary in Iowa, Mr. Perry should drop out and go home. His speeches are jokes on the record, people laugh at them. His lack of control is crazy and silly, he is like watching a roller coaster ride go bad on a clear day, sad indeed. He has no idea what he is doing or how deep in he is getting. He can’t and won’t win the Republican Nomination and he knows it,as does most everyone else watching. So, Mr. Perry save yourself the debts and public humiliation and go home now I say!.

       In the end the Republicans will be forced down to two maybe three candidates before this ends to choose from. Romney, Santorum, and maybe Bachman. And we all know Bachman won’t get the Republican Nomination, just because she is a she. The Republicans will not give her the Nomination for the Presidency, anymore than the Democrats did Hillary Clinton in 2008. That glass ceiling may be cracked heavily by Mrs. Clinton, but it won’t be broken by Mrs. Bachman at this time and date.

       Mr. Santorum is a possibility, but, he is too inexperienced and maybe too young overall. His record is pretty clean and he may stand a good chance as an alternative candidate to Romney. I believe though he will get beaten by Mitt Romney.

      In the end , The Republican’s will realize the lesser of all evils and the one with the most chance of beating President Obama is indeed Mitt Romney. We shall see soon, the number and votes are going to be popping up on January 3rd, 2012. Lets hope the American People speak loud enough and thin this pack, so we can get a decent election in November 2012 going.


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