Simple things in life/Thank You!

Simple things in life, please us and keep us going daily. The fact we wake up, of course, is one and the fact we have a spouse or family is another, of course. Eating is a pleasure we all enjoy, and breathing is constant until we die, yet what makes each of our lives special? What makes life important for us personally, what simple pleasures keep you going on a daily basis when you wake up? Have you ever thought about any of it? Billions of people in the world wake up and fall right into the patterns they do each day and not think twice about anything else, we all do it, we are sometimes like automations, even if we are human and can be hurt.

Yet it is important for all to understand, each of us is different in one important way, the way is again simple to understand, but very complicated for no one understands the human brain. What makes humans individuals is the brain, a fantastic piece of the human body, unique to just our own species. Because of the brains, we are individuals and we are raised by other individuals of our own kind of course. They influence our way of thinking and being and direct us away from harm to survive as long as possible, they are called family. The family is vital to human beings and it does not matter what color, race, size, shape or form you are, the family is everything that makes you who, you are until you reach puberty and start to form your own opinions and ideas and do your own thing in life. I know, I know I said simple things right, well the basics are simple, the one thing that isn’t is the human brain. Each of us, have a brain of our own, and it gets affected by outside things like how we are treated by others, perceptions we encounter, and cultural influences too, we are taught and that, are handed down from generation to generation. So when we talk, things like discrimination, it is a taught reaction we instill in our children, they are not born with it, neither is prejudice.  Both are taught to us in our family life and in the homes we live in, or parts of society we come from, sadly, it is there.

The hardest part of a simple solution is to find a way to change these things in life for all humanity. To change it, people must realize no matter what color your skin, what nationality you are, where you live, all of us are human. We breathe air, we eat food, we socially interact with one another and we depend on one another period. If we are yelled at we all react the same and defend ourselves, is we are hit we all fight back in anyway we can, especially if hurt. We all bleed the same color blood folks, yes we all are human.

I will tell you a simple truth that makes this all make sense, here and now and end with this simple truth. If you no matter what color, what nationality, what race, get in an accident, and get badly injured, and your rushed to a hospital, and need a blood transfusion, do they go to the blood bank and look for blood from African Americans or White Americans, or Hispanic Americans or Asian Americans, before they transfuse you and save your life? No they don’t, they look for a blood type yes to match what you have in you to save your life, and when you wake up alive and healthy, does it matter to you who’s blood you go, from what race, nationality or color, no it doesn’t why because it’s human blood that saved you.

Sometimes, mankind, complicated things too much to get to the basic truths, the basic truth is this, we are all human beings, the only differences really, is not skin color, race, nationality, it is the human brain, that’s where our individuality comes from, from what we are taught as we grow up and what happens to us as we do. Simple truths are what counts in life, in humanity, and in the world! Keep it simple and mankind will survive. thrive and carry-on, complicate it and mankind will destroy the planet we live on, the air we breathe, and the food we eat, and then die off, just like the dinosaurs before us.

We strive to be better, we strive to achieve, we strive to be what we want to believe and what we are taught. That’s the simple truths folks, and they can not be denied. So whatever your color, race, nationality, remember the one thing that links us all is our needs, our humanity, and blood, and we must get along to survive or we will push a damn button and destroy ourselves. So, stop, think, realize, understand and deal with the truths, not lies. Thank You!




To Congress, Both Houses

To: Congress

The Senate and House of Representatives

We the American People, have a major problem, actually, we have two, one is an unfit, unstable, dangerous President in Donald J. Trump who is a Putin bought and paid for puppet!

The second problem we have is a do nothing, lazy assed, scared Congress, that is just as scared as people in Trump’s Administration to check him and do their jobs.

Trump’s Administration is afraid of him and afraid to speak up to him and tell him he shouldn’t be doing something or to stop him from doing something, or even advise him against doing things. They fear his temper and wraith, they fear his attacking them in the media and they let him do whatever comes to mind. It’s a very dangerous thing to allow folks, this is a man in an Office, with his finger on the button of the biggest storage and cache of nukes in the world.

I have heard in the Media, many times over now how Trump has not lived up to his Oath of Office as President of The United States, to Serve and Protect the Constitution and the people of the United States and I agree. Yes, I believe he should be Impeached, but I also know the process takes a very long time, and Congress is too lazy to do it. If Congress had any guts at all they would write Articles of Impeachment on Donald J. Trump and have hearings, but, the Republicans are in power his own party and they protect him. They fear him and are afraid of losing their seats, sad.

I submit to the American People and the World, that Congress, The Senate, and The House needs changing now too. The current members of the Senate and Gouse of Representatives are not living up to their oath any more than Trump is his as President. Congress is put in place to write laws and as a check and balance on the Presidency, it’s purpose is to reign in and help control the President and to check what he does, they are not doing it, folks.

Like under Richard Nixon, we have in office a dangerous man, who is doing what he wants, when he wants and as he wants and Congress sits by and goes, Yes Sir, Yes Sir, three bags full!  I have heard the Democrats as they cry they are not the Majority and they can’t do anything without the votes. My reply is simple to the Democrats, take the evidence of all of what Trump has done and is in the Mueller Report/ Investigation and slam the Republicans in the press on tv, in the newspapers, and on radio, with the proof. Force them to react.

Republicans across America, who are protecting Donald Trump and supporting him, should be voted out come November 2018. Trump should be forced out, in the same way, Richard Nixon was, pressure and more pressure, make it unrelenting.  Unless you do this, he is going to continue to ruin and wreck the democracy and republic our forefathers built.

I submit, Andrew Johnson. Richard Nixon and yes even Bill Clinton did far less then what Donald Trump has done against the America we love and they were Impeached. So why is Donald Trump not being Impeached?

I have heard the excuses, of, it will take too long, his crimes don’t add up to High Crimes and Misdemeanors, yes they do.  His acts are not of Treason they say, well here is my take on that one, Treason is an act against your own country or government that assists, abides or helps an enemy. If, being bought and paid for by Putin and the Russians aren’t enough to prove Treason, try laundering of money and rubles, try aiding Russia by isolating America from the world, by removing us from the Paris Accords and attacking NATO.

Trump lies to the American People on the Average of 9 times a day, is this right? No! The proof is staggering just from the number of indictments coming out of Mueller’s probe, the Russians alone now own 25 of them, folks. Manafort, Gates, Flynn, Roger Stone, Donald Trump JR. all spoke to Russians and colluded with them and here we sit with Congress doing nothing about it. It’s sad!.

Congress needs to wake up, and Write Articles of Impeachment against Donald J. Trump, or be replaced come November 2018 by new members who will. Vote out these die-hard supporters of Trump, vote in reliable, stable individuals, who are not afraid of him. Set it straight Americans, Fight Back, Vote out the Republicans, give the Senate and House of representative back to the Democrats and let’s stop the carnage Trump has brought!.




Never has an American President stood beside a Russian President and acted in such stupidity and with such a kowtowing attitude, and kissed ass so well! Trump is kissing Putin’s ass for sure and what all America wants to know as does the world is why and what does Putin have on Trump? Putin says he has never met Trump and when Trump was in Russia he had no idea he was there, yet in statements by Trump in 2015, he himself says he knows Putin and knows he can get along with him! Interesting isn’t it?

He can change the word all he wants from would or wouldn’t, but it does not change what we and all the world saw from Helsinki on public television throughout the world! Where are Trump’s balls, where are his guts, where is his brain, what is wrong with this man?

As the Mueller Investigation continues on, naming Russians who helped pay for and advanced Trump for President in America and that screwed with the Election, Americans must face what no one Trump Supporter wants to, Russia and Putin paid for in rubles, millions upon millions to get Trump Elected to the American Presidency! Facts are facts Trump Supporters and you can’t change them or hide them!

You can’t change the fact that he put out 280 grand to two women to shut them up, prior to the 2016 election and hide his affairs from the American People. You can’t hide the sixteen women accusing him of sexual abuse and harassment! You can’t hide he fired Sally Yates and Jim Comey and then bragged to the Russians in the White House, in the Oval Office on television he did so and why?

You can’t hide the fact He asked Comey to take it easy on Michael Flynn! You can’t hide the fact Michael Flynn is working with the Special Prosecutor, Michael Cohen his attorney is getting ready to turn states evidence against Trump! You can’t hide the recent twelve indictments of Russians and the prior indictments of 13 more, for a total of 25 Russians!

Now on the world stage, Trump has given up military exercises that protected South Korea from North Korea for decades and got nothing in return from Kim Jung UN.

Answer me a question folks please, What was the reason to get on a plane to Helsinki and meet Putin in the first place? That is other than Trump wanted to do so for his own purposes and reasons, what reason did he have for national security or for America’s Benefit? None! Then when he does it he fails to stand up to Putin and support his own Intelligence Organizations facts that Putin was behind Election Meddling. Instead of standing there and facing the man down he plays nice and kisses Putin’s ass, why?

You want to determine would or wouldn’t, try this one, Would Putin and Russia have taped or recorded Trump in Russia having sex with Russian Whores and would they use it to compromise him as President or Wouldn’t They? I think they would, even though Trump would say they wouldn’t and didn’t!.  The performance of Trump as the American President in Helsinki at the Summit with Putin is a disgrace and dishonors America!

I have heard now, many times on Television New Stations, Members of The Senate and House of Representatives, say that Trump has failed to uphold his Oath of Office as President of America. I submit here and now for all America to see and hear, The Senate and House of Representatives, those we voted into office in 2016, are not upholding their Oath of Office either, they were put in to be a check and balance system on The Presidency, to write laws and bills and to protect and serve the American People, they are failing at their Oath of Office.

Now, I suggest to all Americans, The November 2018 Election is coming, you want to stop the deadlock in Congress, you want to protect America, You want action, VOTE OUT THE CURRENT MEMBERS OF THE SENATE AND THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES! START OVER, CENSURE TRUMP, and WRITE ARTICLES OF IMPEACHMENT and FORCE TRUMP TO RESIGN!


Donald John Trump/The Second Benedict Arnold

In America’s History, Benedict Arnold turned over information to the British during our Revolutionary War, and in the end, he was branded a traitor to America and banished to Britain for the rest of his life. We all know his story well and it is embedded into our history books and elementary school teachings. Sadly, for Benedict Arnold, he ended up dying a sad, lonely man in England, crying out he didn’t mean it, and he died in American Blue Coats of the American Army, not the British Redcoats of England. Arnold is forever known in History in America and World Wide as the biggest Traitor in our history and the world.

Fast forward to 2015, and the beginning of the revealing of America’s next Traitor and Treasonish man, Donald J. Trump. He declared he was running for the Presidency stepping out of an elevator in Trump Tower and started his run for office, by discriminating statements against Hispanics, African-Americans, and Asians. Downgrading and trying to state all immigrants coming to America were illegal and needed to be stopped. I shook my head in disbelief then, and still do today in 2018, for America is built on and by Immigrants folks, they are what we are and made of. So why badmouth and attack immigrants, sad indeed.

Now we have seen the scandals, the illegal acts, add up by July 2018, that we now know we have a Traitor in The White House. Election Scandals and payments in rubles to elect and turn an American Election is sad. Colluding with the Russian President and the Russians is sad folks even to win the White House. We have now 13 Russians at one time and now, 12 more Russians indicted by the Mueller Investigation and Justice Department, total folks 24 Russians. Let’s list names of now of Trump cohorts now indicted or arrested, of convicted of meddling and lying and laundering money to get him elected. Michael Flynn, Security Advisor, George Popadaupulis, Bill Gates, Manafort, just for starters. Roger Stone will probably be next I am sure for his contacts with the Wikki Leaks Owner and Creator.

Then we find he paid a total of 280 thousand dollars through Michael Cohen to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal to keep them quiet about his affairs before the election. Sad isn’t is! Sixteen other women came forward and accused Donald J. Trump of Sexual Abuse and no one reacted, no they ran to the poles and voted for him? Sad!

Now, he sets up a Summit first in Singapore with Kim Jung UN, goes and gives up military exercises with Soth Korea and gets nothing in return! Then, he sets up a Summit with Putin of Russia, praises him publically and talks down his own CIA, FBI, and National Security Team and Advisor publically, wow! He fired Sally Yates, James Comey for not cooperating with his request to stop the Investigation into Michael Flynn and no one reacted. What President invites the Russians to the White House and then brags about firing his own FBI Director? This is not a Presidency for you or I Americans, this is a Presidency bought and paid for by Putin, Russia, and being directed by Putin. He is controlling Trump and definitely has him by his balls in my opinion. What Trump did in Helsinki, Finland, is cow-tow, and kiss Putin’s shoes and ass. He sold his own country down the tubes folks and committed treason right before the world’s eyes and ours.

Is Congress going to sit still and let this continue now? When will they react in the Senate and House and start to do something to stop this all? It is time Congress get off your ass and write Articles of Impeachment on Donald J. Trump! As John Brennan said the former CIA Director, His Acts have now reach the heights of High Crimes and Misdemeanors and Treason!  Donald John Trump is indeed and should now be treated as The Second Benedict Arnold and should be run out of Washington, as a Traitor for Treason!



All Americans should have the same concern right now. After first 13 Russians being indicted earlier and now 11 more indicted, isn’t it obvious by now,  that Russia interfered in the 2016 and helped Donald Trump win?


The two men pictured above have a common cause between them, both traded their country and it’s information to an opposing country, it called being Traitors!

Americans want to stay in doubt, especially the Republicans out there who are die-hard Trump supporters, such as Paris Denard, Steve Cortes,  Jason Miller, Sean Hannity and such. The facts outweigh any defense you have for Trump!

Lately, as the Russia Investigation into Collusion and Obstruction continues and the evidence keeps coming out each day mind you, the Trump die-hards are getting louder and looking more ridiculous on television news stations with their denials. I find it amusing that they actually try to defend Trump with a straight face and by the end of the interviews or commentary they give they look so stern and concerned but deny it all. It’s sad really!

Trump is compromised period folks, Putin has something on him no doubt about it in my mind, Trump is doing everything Putin wants to be done to America for him. he is Isolating us from the world, he is messing with NATO, pulling us from the Paris Accords on Environment, and placing Tariffs on ally nations our allies. STop and think on it, it is just what Russia and Putin want to take American down a peg in national position and value and leadership.

During the 2016 Campaign, and on National Television Hillary Clinton told the honest truth about Donald Trump to his face and ours, he is a puppet of Putin and Russia! Photo

In America’s history, three American Presidents have been faced with Impeachment Proceeding of some sort. 1) Andrew Johnson, 2) Richard Nixon, 3) William, J, Clinton. Now I submit to the American people a statement here and now, check all three out online and in history please, you will find that all three Presidents had Articles of Impeachment drawn up against them submitted to Congress, yet only one man was removed from office by being forced to resign Richard Nixon.

I submit Donald Trump’s crimes measure up to HIgh Crimes and Misdemeanors and Treason Against America. Whether you agree with my opinion or not is not the point here, what is the point is his crimes and dastardly acts are worse than Nixon’s yet Congress is not acting, why?

On CNN and on FOX and other news stations, on television recently some people have stated that Donald Trump has failed to uphold and fulfill his oath as President of the United States to Protect and Serve the American People, I agree with that statement, and I submit the following statement for all America to read and understand and hear loudly!

The House of Representatives, and The Senate, Majority of Republicans, have failed to uphold their oaths also to Protect and Serve and defend the American People and The Constitution or the United States and its laws. They have failed to stop Donald Trump from handing over America to Russia and Putin and so much more!

Come November 2018, The American People have a choice to make, and it will do you want to let the Republicans continue to keep Donald Trump as President, and continue to let us be isolated and hated by the world and our allies or do you want a change?

I say this America to all Americans who live here and believe in this country and its values and laws, it is time to Vote Out all Republicans who defend Donald Trump or allow him to lead the country astray, or do nothing at all to stop him. VOTE THEM ALL OUT FOLKS, GET RID OF The REPUBLICANS WHO SUPPORT TRUMP, VOTE DEMOCRATIC IN NOVEMBER 2018, let’s put America back into play in the world and join it once again as a member, not an opponent!



Congress, Impeach President Donald J. Trump, remove the infection and stain on America now!

Mueller’s Investigation is proving to be not only necessary but educational and fact-finding in many ways. The number of indictments, are growing, the guilty pleas are growing and the President sits around yelling fake news, witch hunt and stupid explanations like people will buy it all now?

Yesterday’s news that Mueller and his team have indicted eleven Russians for interfering in, the 2016 Presidential Election, joins an earlier number of thirteen other Russians indicted for a total of 24 Russians all proven to had been working to get Trump elected.

Add to that The following names indicted and some pleading guilty also, Flynn, Manafort, Popadoupulis, Gates, and more and the numbers are staggering, as to who was working to get Trump elected with the Russians.

With the Department of Justice and Mueller and his team stating beyond a fact, the Russians were working to get Donald J. Trump elected President, all the evidence and facts are slowly dripping out of the Russian Investigation and adding up. The real question to answer right now is simple, how soon will Mueller be done with his investigation and hand it into Rosenstein and The Justice Department to be shuttled to Congress? How fast will Congress react and start writing Impeachment Articles against Donald J. Trump to pull him from office or to Impeach him and limit his actions?

As time goes on, we have seen an inept, illegitimate, lying man in the Oval Office. As the news says and has been saying for months now this man lies to the American people on the average of nine times a day and no one in congress reacts!

He mocks our allies, he isolates us from the world, attacks Nato and the United Nations, and places tariffs on our allies.  What the hell is he doing and does he understand it at all?

The Russians are running the show, and Trump is just Putin’s Puppet is what is happening. The Russians and Putin want America isolated from the world and Nato so they can expand and retake territories they lost when the USSR disbanded. The Russians want America isolates from NATO, and attacking our own allies they and Putin are getting just what they want from Trump, I wonder why?

One of the first things Trump did as President, is on tape, shown on news networks worldwide. He stands in the Oval Office, and brags about firing James Comey to Russians, doesn’t that tell you something folks!  No American President has ever stood in the Oval Office and bragged about firing an American Government Director, to the Russians in American History he did. Why?

I could go on about his actions and lack of reaction by Congress forever, sadly he has ignored Puerto Rico and new hurricanes will be coming in now. Doing more damages I am sure and destroying more homes and killing more Americans. Yet the Island is sitting there unprotected, with blue tarp roofs in place still and they leak. Power is not fully restored and Puerto Ricans cry for help daily, Trump does not react folks, why?

Since the day he came down in the elevator, in Trump Tower to declare his run for the Presidency, he has bad mouthed, put down, discriminated against Hispanics, African Americans and Asians every day.  The man is a bigot, folks, and it is proven everytime he opens his mouth. When will Americans wake up and see what is happening here?

Now he is going to a Summit with America’s mortal enemy for most of our history and he alone is going to sit down with Putin? No witnesses or note takers just him and Putin alone in a room, I say it should not be allowed!  He is already Putin’s puppet and we all know it, and now he gets to meet with his puppet master alone in a room with no witnesses, whats next? Please tell me!

I have heard members of Congress come out and state, President Trump is not upholding his oath of office and protecting America! I agree, but I will go one step further here, Congress, both Houses The House and Senate and those occupying those seats are not doing their jobs either or upholding their Oath of Office. They are sworn in and swear to uphold the Constitution and to protect the American People, from all powers foreign and domestic, well guess what, the domestic threat now is Trump as well as the foreign one, it’s time to do your job Congress, Impeach President Donald J. Trump, remove the infection and stain on America now!









Impeachment #4/ and The Coming Trend!

Impeachment is not used in America very often!  It was used for Presidents in the past to try to remove them from office. Among those, it was used for is Andrew Johnson in the 1800’s who took over from Lincoln, Richard Nixon in the 1970’s for misuse of Presidental Powers and running illegal break-ins to opponents headquarters. Then came William J. Clinton and he was impeached for lying to the American People, about Whitewater and having an Affair with Monica Lewinski.

Among the three mentioned above, up until this time, Nixon they say was the worst case, to be impeached and forced to resign. That is up until what we face now with Donald J. Trump.

Trump has breached so many laws it is crazy not to impeach him, yet, here we sit today still waiting to see it happen.  This man has manifested hate from the moment he came down in the elevator in Trump Tower and declared his run for the Presidency. He has attacked African Americans, Hispanics and any other race he can in any way he can calling them illegal immigrants and liars and criminals of all kinds. Yet, he is still President why?

What kind of a President lies to the American People about the size of the crowd at his own Inauguration? Then goes on to fire Sally Yates, James Comey and has thirteen Russians indicted, and then has his Security Advisor resign and get indicted for lying. Then goes on to get Manafort, Gates, Popudoupilis, and more indicted for illegal acts when he is running for the Presidency? How is this possible he is still President today, please tell me?

Paying off women not to reveal his affairs with him on top of all of this is sad also. Stormy Daniels, Karen Mcdougal, 280 thousand dollars between them. Sixteen women accusing him of improper sexual advances and he is still President? How?

Now he withdraws us from The Paris Environmental Accord, threatens to withdraw us from NAFTA and isolates us from the world, by placing tariffs on other nations that will destroy America’s Economy, not anyone else’s.  He has angered every ally America has now, Mexico, Canada, Europeans, and more. It has to be rough for Congress to sit back and hear Britain and France say they don’t want him in their countries. I say this because Britain/ England has never, and I mean never voiced concerns like they are now over an American President visiting their leaders and country. Even after we won our independence from Britain they did not act this way! So you tell me what is wrong here!

Congress will have to wake up fast and soon if they want to save our nation. They can not continue to sit and allow this man, to run America down, isolate us and cause worldwide turmoil much longer! I have one word for the Senate and The House of Representative members, Midterms! November is coming quickly folks, the Millenium’s are coming soon, the youth of America will speak in the next election. They are watching, registering and getting ready for the ballot boxes.  It’s coming Republicans, and some say the Blue Wave will hit a Red Wall, but I remind all if that blue wave is big enough and bad enough, it will knock down the wall and overrun it.

The anger is overwhelming in the streets of America, people are angry over lies with Trump and those who back him. People tire of being cast aside and being treated like second-class citizens by Trump and the rich and they will revolt, believe me, it is coming.

We the American People will speak come November 2018, I guarantee it with onions on top! So if your republican and in office and you sat around now for years in Congress doing absolutely nothing but destroying what Obama did, you better leave or retire now. What is coming is not just a Big Blue Wave, it is an avalanche of anger and meanness and it will not stop until it turns Congress Blue in November once more. African Americans, Hispanics, and Asians are tired of being treated like second-class citizens and are about to show President Trump up for what he is a bigot. It’s coming folks, and I remind you, there will be millions of brand new voters in November’s Election cycle, voters who are ready to be heard and waiting to stuff the ballot boxes, with their votes for change. It’s coming folks and you better know it now.