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The Twist in Laura's Murder: Some friendships never end! by [McCurrach, William]




December 2017, the Future’s Truth!

As one ages, one begins to realize that time waits for no one, nothing, and just keeps on. people live, people die and we continue to kill the planet we were born upon, and in the future there may be no humanity here, for we are foolish enough not to pay attention to what we are doing to the only environment that will sustain our lives. Sadly, mankind or humans are destined to destroy themselves eventually, why, simply greed and selfishness. Civilizations have come and gone before the current ones, and died off or disappeared for the exact reason I speak of. Human beings are greedy, jealous and outright wanting individuals who take, take, take but never give back. Thus the planet we live on is having the resources on it depleted faster than it can ever produce it, and then we pollute the air and water we breath and don’t think twice about it. One day we will begin to realize, we are killing ourselves and wake up to the reality of it all, as species after species disappear, and go instinct. The Icebergs of Greenland melt and cascade into the oceans and the levels raise water wise making land masses slowly disappear. Mankind will run out of landmass to live on, crowding itself on the land that is left and sooner or later the over population problem will exist on top of the rest. This is what we leave for our children and grandchildren and further, a planet with less resources, more people, less land mass and no where to go. ONce it is realized the people of the world will begin a panic mode and be trying to preserve and take and store any items they need to serve and refuse to share it all. Families will disappear and die off, thinning out populations sooner or later till there are few left, who were smart enough to protect themselves ahead of time.

Than the real war will start, people of one area will fight with others, trying to find resources and land mass to live on and we will begin to revert back to the cave man, just working on pure preservation and survival. How long do we have till our oceans rise due to Global Warming and swallow up our land masses, I have no idea, but it will happen. Just as materials will disappear from overuse and mismanagement, we will burn up the oils, the gases, pollute the air and find ourselves walking around with face masks to breath with tanks of vital air on our backs. The food will start to die off because there will be no place to plant it anymore as the land masses diminish. In the end, humankind will be looking for another planet to live on and we will have to start doing terraforming here on earth to survive. That terraforming will have to be taken to other planets to find ways, to change them to sustain our humanity as a race and population will be minor until it grows there. Yes, I know I sound like a doomsday Prophet at this time, but we can not keep ignoring the fact, we are depleting our planet at a rate that will leave it a husk of itself in no time. The Earth does have a defense system as a planet folks, and we have activated it by producing Global Warming, so what will happen is the ice at the North and South Poles will melt and so will Greenland and others like it, and when it does land mass will go underway again. The world will slowly become a underwater world where no humanity can survive and we will be gone, and the planet will be an uninhabitable water world, the maritime creatures will survive, but not humanity. The earth is smarter than then humans upon itself it can regenerate itself over time, but humanity needs land masses, materials to survive and none will exist.

Many will say, I am talking about Global Warming and destruction and doomsday effect like they are real and that it will never happen!. But, before you do say that, take sometime and check it out for yourself. The ice melts are real folks, the water levels rising are real, the animals disappearing and becoming extinct are real folks. Look for yourselves as oil prices rise, the cost of food begins to rise and material belonging become too expensive to gather or buy. IT will be a doomsday effect folks and mankind/ Humanity is too blinded by greed, lust, and jealousy to realize it. We are too busy running wildly across the planet’s surface, fighting wars of words and military might to stop and realize oh shit we are destroying ourselves and the planet we live on.

World War 2 ended when an American President dropped Nuclear bombs on Japan, and the environment has suffered since, will more be dropped or worse? Humanity faces its own eventual downfall just as different civilizations have in the world before. We tend to ignore it and carry on like it can’t happen to us, well let me say this to all. What happened to the Aztecs, the Incas, The American Indians, The Roman might and so called greatest civilizations on the planet in history, they all died off and fell, due to greed, jealousy, and being power hungry, materiel grabbing peoples. This is what will destroy us humanity, the truth is it is a slow death, and we are not smart enough to realize it or stop ourselves. Humanity, it will not matter, if You are white, black, brown, yellow or any other color, nor will you nationality matter, like American, Russian, Chinese or any other. The Chinese are already learning they need face filters to walk in the environment they have now, doesn’t that alone tell you what we are doing to the planet? How long will it take for the Earth’s materials and resources to deplete? How long before we are killing one another no more over political problems or concerns  and end up killing one another for pure survival and end up eating one another? How long before water becomes a material all need but few have to drink, or food can’t grow because we destroyed the air? The rate it is happening is sad folks and sooner or later, the world we live on, will defend itself and all shall be under the oceans.

So as 2017 rolls on towards 2018, the world’s population of humanity continues on. And the Resources disappear, and we will get to 2018, but how much further?


Happy Holidays From Me!

Today is the 9th of December 2017, and I just want to say Happy Holidays to all in my own way.

On Christmas Eve as the lights are shining and some are pinning away, and the lights twinkle bright, remember the holiday is about giving not receiving.  Also remember if you will please, family is everything, and should remain so throughout your lives as long as you live. Some say Happy Holidays, others say Happy Hanukkah, some say Merry Christmas, but in the end, it is a Holiday shared by the people of the world, no matter what race, nationality or creed. It is a time when the world slows down and reflects on the past year and on those they have with them or have lost. We all do it each year as the christmas songs play and the lights blink or stay solid so does out focus on what we have been through each year we live through.

I wrote a Christmas story a while back, to me it is important because it expresses what Christmas means to me and I wanted to convey that thought to the world and anyone who reads this.

I called the Story- The Importance of Christmas——— Here is the Link folks!  1.99 a copy folks!Importance of Christmas Cover


As 2017 slowly rolls towards it end and 2018, drops it’s new born diapers and starts, it is important to remember we are all free and with choices to make that no other nation in the world can make or have the right we do to make. It’s is important to remember, our Veterans, our Disabled and Our Ill, but it is also a time to be with those we all love. So, Please Remember, Family, Country, Freedom and the Veterans of all ages and sizes and shapes and sexes that help to keep us Free!

As 2017 rolls to its end I Remember family, I pray for the futures of my grandchildren and siblings and my own daughters who made their own choices, for that is what America is all about.  I pray for the health of  all I know and love and say goodbye to the ones who left us in the past year. Yet I also know, that the future of the World, and America is what counts the most to me. We can clean up our environment if we try folks, we can stop wars and stop unnecessary violence by putting controls i place for weapons and guns. But what we can never change and should is the diversity and unique people humankind is and has always been, we learn, we grow, we evolve and we love!

So, from William and Melinda McCurrach of Connecticut, in the United States to the rest of the world filled with mysteries and the diversity we both love, we want to say one thing to say!.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018!




Sexual harassment is Wrong/ But so is False Accusations!

The Sexual Harassment Allegations grow in COngress in both Houses as men are picked off one by one by women. Now I am not being assine, here or ignorant, yet it seems to me, there are probably women there who are sexually aggressive also. Women I have known can be just as harassing and treat men like play toys also in their own way. The divide I guess does not allow them to fave charges of groping and harassing men, like vice versa does it?

I know it is the male population of the planet that is guilty right, we are all perverts and grab women whenever we want right, wrong.  There are some issues in this one that causes my radar and antenna to rotate and radiate so to say. I grew up in the 1960’s and 1970’s and I have seen many things in life and sexual harassment is just one and it is done by both sexes. Women go after men they find attractive and do so by flirting left and right and then moving in slowly for the kill just like men do. They even get away with grabbing men by their exteriors so to say, to be polite here. Some everyday, treat men as play toys for their use in bedrooms or wherever they decide to want to. So it is a two sided edge to the blade currently cutting through our politicians in Congress, but you won’t see a woman humiliated and pushed from Congress for it, I bet on that one. We have to be careful, with these allegations, and realize that even for some, these allegations are false. I am not say that women are not the ones mostly having this done to them, but some have it done to them also. It covers both sexes and intermingles through all people in the world. There are age old cases of this in the world and as all know women are referred to as the fairer sex. Yet I know from personal experience that women can be aggressive and just as grabby and harassing as men can, in both the workplace and in public. It has happened to e in jobs I have worked in and it probably has to other men as well.  So let’s not get too crazy over this, it is wrong I agree wherever and whenever it occurs, but, we do populate the planet and further the human race through sex. It is just that some are not taught the proper ways to interact with the opposite sex and they don’t want to understand no when told it.

The actions and allegations that are now causing Congressmen And Senators to Resign, has been around since the days of Adam and Eve folks. So when we examine this be careful, for I believe we will ultimately find out many accusations are false and made up up in an effort at revenge by some women, or by damaged women who are getting even. We need to delve deeper into the issue folks, I don’t deny the women their rights to accuse or charge, but I do wonder how many of these women wee victims of sexual abuse at home by their fathers or mothers and now are seeking revenge in their older age as a reaction to society as a whole and a vindictiveness against the opposite sex.  You tell me folks and we may all know, but I do know from personal experience that accusations can be false and impossible to disprove for men. When women point a finger at a man, and say we sexually abused them or touched them or harassed them verbally, they can ruin a man’s life, career and family. They can ostracize us and make us, unacceptable for jobs we are good at or needed at. The damage can be deadly, some men end up in jail accused of crimes they did not do, all because of an angry and vengeance driven woman who is vindictive, for whatever reasons. I know this will cause an uproar in women everywhere in the world and in the USA. Yet I must state this, many innocent men end up jailed and in prison, for crimes they did not commit but are accused of  by women, and their children. and Many children are used to get even with their fathers by their mothers, what mothers and father all forget is this, children are not toys to be used by either parent, nor should they be used as weapons. I had my daughter acuss me of such acts and almost got convicted and sentenced to twenty years in prison for it. I was lucky, for a Prosecutor who had experience and a brain, caught my ex-wife and daughter in their lies, and all was dropped and I was let loose, and no record exists. It was expunged from existence because it was false, false accusations are dangerous folks, and if a woman or a man makes false accusations they should be charged with a crime also and convicted, you damage people’s lives, families and futures and take away possibilities from them when it is done. There should be a law created to protect all from False Accusations, and it should be one that shows how to properly check to see if the allegation brought are true or not, to convict someone of a sex crime or harassment crime, tarnishes their reputation, and damages their lives, at home and at work. We need a false Accusation Law to protect all involved, the false accuser is just as dangerous in this case as the perpetuator, Congress should look at this and write a law punishing False Accusers when they lie, or make false statements against anyone.

Please Listen America!

December 7th, is a day that is recorded as the date, Pearl Harbor happened.  Currently, it is not mentioned enough in America in my opinion, for Americans have a feeling of security that is false in many aspects.  We ignored homeland security for many years and then got hit by Al Qaeda, the towers fell and all of a sudden wewere alert once more. Well, we need to stay alert today and forever more.

Trump is my primary concern here right now. He has angered Arabs by his Israel declaration on where they will place our Embassy. That is just one example of the problem with having Trump as President.

Trump has accepted cash from other countries, he has lied to the American People, He has colluded with Russia and his campaign members are now being indicted and will be tried for their involvement in this. He has allowed all of it to happen, encouraged it, and what father, puts his son and daughter at stake with legal problems to get elected as President? DO You know of any other  that has in American History.

Benedict Arnold, was a General who committed Treason against the United States in the Revolutionary War, as we all know. Arnold colludded with Britain against Washington and America, and was forced to flee America to end up dying in Britain. What Arnold did was wrong, against the people and the constitution and laws, and now we have a President who can collude with Russia to win the Presidency and stay in Office? COme on now I want to point out one thing more here folks, President Richard Nixon who did more good for America then Trump ever can or will, was Impeached for a lot less and he did not collude with any other nation, never mind our mortal enemies the Russians.

Trump has placed Manafort, Gates, Roger Stone, Donald Trump JR., Popodoupulous, at stake for prison terms. He has put at risk his daughter’s marriage also, by using Jared Kushner at stake, by having him speak with the Russians also. What is wrong with this picture folks, would a stable, mentally able man, with children, and grandchildren, place his children in danger and not care?  Would you as a Husband, a Father  or Grandfather do such thing, or would a woman who is a mother,  do the same thing to get the office? I think not, Trump does not realize the legal problems he has created for all the individuals mentioned above, he doesn’t worry or care about it either.

He is egotistical, and a megalomaniac, a narcissist, and mentally unstable. He is isolating America from the world with each decision and act he takes, does America and it’s people want to be withdrawn from the world, do we really want a President who does this?  Listen to me, Please for someone must speak the truth, the 2016 election produced foolishly a President who is dangerous and deadly and one whom we the American People should remove from office in any way possible.


America, save our Republic, Impeach Trump !

Today is the beginning of the downfall I hope of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States of America. As Congress process and get introduced bills to impeach him for different reason, Americans should now start to show more interest in the mess that is happening in the White House.

Trump began with his win it all or nothing attitude during his run to the Presidency which he won, not by popular vote folks, just by electoral. Sadly, the Fore_fathers of America, did not foresee what happened in this case and it can be corrected in Congress, by a bill being brought forward that would make the popular vote the one that counts. But, it will not eradicate or remove the stain Trump has placed upon this country and it’s position in the world. Our biggest ally, Great Britain is telling Trump to shut up and stop pointing fingers and angering others. Never since our own revolution has America, had any problem like it does now, or been scolded by the Brits the way it’s current Prime Minister has now.  I believe she is right too, Prime Minister May has very good points in all she says and has said.

Trump has in a short 10 to 11 months has isolated us from the world pulling us out of accords and pacts, we belong in and letting the world know he doesn’t care about them. He doesn’t care for his own country never mind others. He is now attacking the Americans People with a revamped tax bill that hides that fact it is for Trump’s own personal purposes of expanding his bank accounts and other rich people like him and leaving the middle class and below to pay the bills. Sad really because the American Middle Class and below are being squeezed so badly already that in the end we may be forced out of existence as i tis.

He has taken cash from other countries while President and gifts. He has killed Obama care with no care for the Americans it covered or covering those he took it from. My wife is a cancer patient Mr. president and without Obama care and Medicare and Medicaid she would be gone now, and you are fast pacing the deaths of millions, maybe even billions of americans. It is a sad case indeed and of course your a an empathic and narcissistic individual who can’t see beyond your own nose to help others. It is sad indeed, for you are the Worst President in American History.

Each day now new evidence brings us closer to proving your collusion with the Russians to get the White House. The chain leading to you is quickly being followed right to your doorstep, as gates, Manafort, Flynn, next your own son-in-law come under scrutiny, and get questioned. It’s at your doorstep Trump and we all know none of the aforementioned individuals would not have done what they have without your knowledge or authorization. We are not stupid, gullible maybe but not blind or stupid. No one contacts the Russians while running for President and makes deals with Russian Ambassadors ahead of being elected. NO one holds meeting like the one in Trump Tower without colluding in mind.

I said this before and now I shall say it once more, Trump  do you realize what you have done is really called being a traitor to your own country. You should be impeached and if you ask me, not only impeached but hung for treason. No one and I mean no one in American history has even colluded more with a opposing nation, like you since Benedict Arnold. Your a traitor to the American People if not the American Government and yes I have heard Lindsey Graham, say ” Oh I don’t understand why everyone is painting Trump so bad and always chasing him” But I do, you’re being pursued and pressed to resign or get Impeached because you are indeed evil and not working for the American People, but for the people who helped put you in office the Russians and Putin.

In the meantime what you have done trump to your own family and children is sad also. Donald JR. Must face Congress to answer questions, Ivanka’s life is ruined also, because you involved her husband Jared Kushner to do things for you. Manafort will more than likely now never see freedom again, Gates will be burned, MT. will go down too for lying to Congress and never become anything more then a sacrifice at this point. Congress is not going to appoint anyone who lied to them, to an Ambassadorship or to represent America anywhere. Man what a mess you have made in less than one year in office, no American President ever in out a little over 200 year existence would have done this shit. Your a sad , sad human being, cold hearted and all you want is money and power and you definitely don’t need to remain in power with your finger inches away from America’s Nuclear codes.

I hope Congress and the Generals of America understand that if ordered to preemptive strike North Korea of any other country by you, is an order they must refused to follow. You too unstable and mentally ill Trump and if Congress doesn’t take action soon, come 2018, more Democrats will come to congress and you will be powerless before long. I hope Congress can wake up, watch you closely and not let you destroy more or endanger us more than you have so far. Your a sad excuse for a man, and in my opinion a traitor to your own country, you don’t work for Americans, you are filling the Office as an agent of Russia.

Americans should now wake up, smell the dying roses out there and look closely at Trump’s behavior, his patterned of colluding and his associations with the Russians. Americans should take Jared Kushner’s Security Clearance away, Kushner should be arrested period for following Trump blindly. Flynn is going to jail I am sure as will Gates, Popadopulous and I am sure many more will including Manafort and maybe Roger Stone also. Steve Bannon should be investigated also, he is dangerous and he was a big part of Trump’s Election also.

America Impeach and remove Trump, with swift Justice, call your Congressman/Woman, your Senator and tell them, it’s time to end this follie that is DOnald Trump and remove him from office so he can be tried fr High Crimes and Misdemeanors against the United States of America, not just Obstruction! Impeach Trump Now!






America’s biggest mistake!

In the 1970s’ and before Americans, at many of us, did not have computers or video games, or Tvs that connected to the internet, or the internet itself. We as kids and teenagers and young adults were outside playing in the yards and neighborhoods of america, and learning life that way. We had no choice but to go to school, and we had chores at home and we were watched and raised not by television, or computers or game consoles, or even the internet but by people who were supposed to be adults. The Generationals difference in the USA began when Russia invented a video game called Tetris. Tetris overtook the world, including the United States and addicted many to it over the years, which worked like a lead in drug to the human mind to the possibilities of  gaming, computers, consoles and eventually the Internet. If you notice and I do notice many things, Russians are not addicted to such devices at all they ignore them and walk away. Why, simple, the russians started the video game industry not as a fun item, but as a weapon to break down resistance to their way of life and give them a way to distract people everywhere from all they do.

It is really a psychological weapon made to distract and disinterest people in the real world and put them into a state of stupor, nonchalance and ignorance about world affairs. Russia can then expand their reach beyond their borders, because no one is really paying attention, they are staring at monitors, television and  yes cell phones too. You can see this if you open your eyes to the world and look around you even here in America. These gaming industries, and video gaming and internet, control too many hours of the American People’s minds and time.  we wander around aimlessly in our homes, looking for the next video game challenge as the world spins by. Sad isn’t it? But yes, the video gaming systems,and games out there distract, you and cause you to forget about the world and it is just what the Russians wanted. tetris started it, and more were invented, causing people to sit in front of a monitor, television for hours on hours out of the day, as the world rolls by. In the meantime, Russia, doesn’t have all of it that we do, so they have people who still can function in a political or military way and expand their nation.

We have a Voluntary Military Force in America, if they don’t volunteer, well the ranks deplete and the numbers of members go up and down. Playing Call of Duty, whichever one it may be from the first to today’s version is not a real world, explanation or experience of what really happens in a war zone. We all know that at least the ones who are Veterans here at home, whether disabled or retired.  Americans are addicted to Video Games. The Internet and Television, period and it is sad to see.

In the 1900’s in America, children were raised with discipline, chores,manners and taught to read and write and grow their minds. They were sent outside in their neighborhoods after school and in the summers to play with friends to learn to get along with others. It is how we all learn to socialize isn’t it folks, well now, kids are becoming antisocial, angry and violent in America, especially if you take away their electronic toys. They don’t know how to play army anymore or play with dolls, they now rely on Video games to play and never leave the house.  It is a sad statement to say but true, obesity grows because kids are not forced to play sports or ride bikes or play ball or play outside anymore, all they do is stare at a screen and use their thumbs and fingers to control a video game that hypnotizes them. As they sit there and play they eat, candy, junk food and grow fatter and bigger in size and lazier. The american People, the adults and this generation and others after it need to realize, video games are not teaching tools, they don’t make a child a man or woman, they fail at that chore it is still the parents who must make it so.

Recently, I see new video games coming out that take hours upon hours of time to complete and yes I play some myself. But I am older, retired and have time to do so, younger individuals ages 3 to 21 should be outside in the world. The permissiveness of the American People will indeed at some point be our ultimate downfall. We went from a  society that raised it’s children strictly, to one semi strict, now to one totally lax, in raising our children. we need to back up, pull the electronic equipment, put away and limit the video games and computers and get back to the basics of raising our children. If we don’t, we will have a society of mindless automations, staring at television screens or monitors and getting fatter and rounder everyday, until, we can not defend our country, help ourselves, or the world.