What Happens if?/ My Books are Novelettes folks/ Shorts!

Here is a thought that crossed my mind folks and believe me, it gives me and many other Americans nightmares to think about it! There are many of us out there who served this great nation Honorably for years, and we all worry about the nuclear codes being in Trump’s control.  Sadly, there is not much we can do about it can we, the American People elected this man to office and gave him the codes to control. Sadly, a megalomaniacal, narcissist, mentally unstable man controls the code to America’s Nuclear Arsenal. Am I the only American worried about this one folks?   I ask because I know what happens when someone who is unstable, reacts wrong, things go dangerously and disastrously bad for the world in this case. One order and he can nuke North Korea or Afganistan, Iran or Iraq, or another country period and we the American People will have to answer for the disaster he creates. Do any Senators. or Representatives in office even consider or think about this each day Trump is President?

While many will not agree with me, I know opinions are like assholes and everyone got one, but in this case, all you have to do is look at Trump’s failures which outweigh his triumphs since he entered the office to know he may do anything at any time. Yet  Senators and representatives sit on their hands and do nothing to prevent the disaster he could one day launch if he gets a hair up his ass and loses it.OUr Senators and Representative are failing to protect us and the country as a whole, by not reacting to Trump and what he does and says. He lies left and right to all Americans on a daily basis, he can’t pass a law, bill, or even make a Presidential Directive hold, the courts overrule them all. He pulls us from Treaties and Organizations for his own personal reasons, not for the good of the country. He has no way to do anything and he is a false President faking his way through the job he was elected to do. It’s a sad day for America folks!

Next, my books I have been told are short, I know they are folks on purpose I write short Novelettes, Short Stories it’s what I do. I write them because in order to write a full-length novel/ book, you must be able to spread the story your writing and I find when I do, I drag it out and make it boring for me, never mind what it may make a reader think. I can’t bring my stories past the point I do, for I fear to do so, will lose the idea behind the story and the plot I am writing. Plus I know a reader doesn’t want a story that goes every which way but loose and is hard to follow. I hope that explains why I write shorts or Novelettes to all.

My Latest, and longest to date, 16,028 words, try it folks, tell me if ya like it!

This one I am told by some may be the best I did to date!

This I am told may be the most heartwarming one I did, for it contains warmth, caring and sharing and a cancer story which is true and ongoing still?


Trump Resign or Get Impeached or removed by the 25th Amendment

Each day I  read news on CNN and MSN and see it on television and I go what the hell is wrong with this country? I wonder for many reasons, I was born in 1956, under President Eisenhower, and raised under Kennedy and Johnson and Nixon believe it or not. So what I am about to say, to me makes more sense than the garbage I am hearing spewed by news agency around the world.

The world had prosperity and made great strides during the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s and there were jobs to be had, work to be done and advances to be made. Americans were mostly blue-collar workers, in factories and they worked hard to improve themselves, their families and the country. Politicians were loyal to the country then, there was no question of collusion between a President and Russia, they knew who our enemies were and they fought and protected us from them. Now we have a President who colluded with the Russians to get the Presidency, and to get power, he is power hungry and a megalomaniac, who is a narcissist, and about as crooked as they come in my opinion.  He doesn’t care about the American people or the country folks, he cares about himself, just check his actions since elected and you can see. he has no empathy for anyone either, look at Puerto Rico! He is sitting with his hand in reach of the button that can start a world war three and launch nukes, and no one is stopping him!

Why does Donald J, Trump keep bringing up the Clintons in all ways he can to distract from the Russian Investigation is why. In all way Donald J. Trump’s election is illegitimate in my opinion, he bought his way into the White House and Oval office and did so with Russian money and Russian help. If you can’t see that then shame on you for being so blind! As one CNN commentator said one day. Hillary Clinton is not running for office anymore, neither is Bill Clinton or  Barrack Obama, and whats in the past is in the past, we must concern ourselves with the current situation in the White House, and Government and how it is affecting us today and in the future. Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon all stayed focused on the United State’s protection, it’s growth and its position in the world. We need to also today!.

Some want to compare the Nixon Watergate Years and actions to what is happening now, sorry folks no can do in my opinion. Richard Nixon may have broken laws and did illegal acts, to stay in office, but what he did not do, and would never have done is collude with Russia or any other country to become President and Trump has. Trump has gotten his advisors for his campaign in legal trouble, he has risked his son and son in law and his daughter’s position and reputations also. What are you going to tell Don Jr., Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort, Gates and Stone and maybe even Bannon when they are behind bars, Mr. Trump and you destroyed all of their lives with your need for power. You wanted to beat Hillary Rodham Clinton and win the White House and you did Mr. Trump but at what cost to Americans, what cost to your own political advisors and your own children and family members? Do you realize Mr. Trump that in the future Jared Kushner, Don Jr. and yes even Ivanka will have to live with the stains and markings of what you did, on them, for the rest of their lives?

The only ones who care about anything you’re saying about Hillary Rodham Clinton are you and the fanatic supporters you drummed up during the 2016 election, everyone else is moving on. Why are you too stupid, ignorant, and hard-headed that you can’t see the truth.  You are now the lowest rated President in The United States’s history and you can’t get a law or bill passed not even an Executive order to stand up, you’re a sad man, and you have majorities in the House and Senate too. Damn you’re a sad President and should be removed from office, by either the 25th Amendment or by Impeachment! If you can’t pass a Bill or Law or Executive Order on Immigration with a Republican Senate or House, it’s going to get much worse for the Republicans and you in 2018 for sure.

Ever consider resigning Mr. Trump and going home to hide in your gold lined Trump Tower, if not you should!


Remove Trump/ Call Your Senator/ Representative

I have a question for many Americans, how long do we have to wait before, Congress reacts to the flawed and tasteless and non-performing Donald J. Trump as President? This man is in his 11th month as President of The United States and no bill has he passed no law has he completes and passed, no jobs has  he brought back to America and he has destroyed Obama Care without replacing it leaving millions without medical coverage, he has pulled us from pacts and treaties and isolated us. Then he goes overseas and meets with Asian Leaders and embarrasses the hell out of us with his mouth and comments and then says Putin says he did not interfere in our 2016 election and he believes him? What kind of a jack ass and fool did americans elect as President, is he so simple as to think Putin would say to him. “Yeah I did it and you can’t do nothing about it” Why doesn’t this man, believe his own Intelligence Agencies about this shit and what is he hiding? You tell me!

Donald J, Trump is not Presidential, nor is he mentally capable of doing the job he is supposed to do. The sad part is our Senate and House of Representative are letting him look as stupid as he is and doing nothing to make it any better. Call your Congressman, or Senator and ask them to Impeach Donald J, Trump for accepting money from other nations, for his inability to govern, his lackadaisical attitude and his crimes against women. Impeach Trump for his using russians to get elected, he colluded and it will come out soon enough just watch his son DOn Jr fall, as will Manafort, Gates, Popadopulious, Stone and yes in the end probably Bannon and Kusner his own son in law. It is sad to see a an sit in the White House who has no empathy for Service Members who die in service to us all. It is sad to hear him down grade and sexually harass women daily. Why is Congress keeping Trump on Office, I will tell you why!

The Senate and The House both know and understand one thing regarding Trump and the Presidency, they fear who will succeed him if he goes, Pence. Mike Pence is a powerful figure in politics and is a lot more dangerous then Donald J. Trump. He knows how Congress works and how to write and pass laws and regulations and much more. His views though are so far right it scares even his own party and they know in the end, if he becomes President, he will get things done Americans will regret and they fear him, more than Trump. They are right too, Pence has political experience and the moxy to be able to pass laws and regulations and bills he creates, for he has the political ties in Congress. Still, Congress needs to react to Trump’s lies and crimes and do something, yet they know they will face the same deal as the NIxon days, the successor will pardon Trump for his crimes, but if  he does it would cripple him also, Trump’s ratings are so low now he can’t go much lower. He should be removed while America still has a chance to recover and come back from the debacle he is.

Tell The Senate and House to react and do what is right, legally and morally for all Americans, be men and women, use your brains and hearts and save us disgrace and dishonor in the world, be what you are suppose to be leaders and represent your people who voted you in correctly, do your damn jobs, remove Trump and stop being wimps!



Internet sites, Adult and Non and mixed!

Ok today I am going to write about something few adit to but millions do, using Adult Dating sites of different kinds. Why do it many will ask, well some do it for variety and to spice up their lives, others for pure sex partners and yet others for fun chats where anything goes.

AdultFriendfinder has more than one of these sites, lined up by areas of the map and places people can post sexy photos and nudes and talk just sex. Now I am not one to condemn them for each of us is different and some need more than one partner in bed and others need kinky sex to survive and enjoy. It’s all about adventure between adults. I believe it may be the one way for adults who are looking for sexual accounters to be safe for they stress protection and using your head before you do anything. Always use protection and be careful is my advice if you do this, or use these services. And if you do meet anyone always do so in a public place and let people know who your meeting and where or take a friend with you.

Next let’s talk Second Life the online video world. LInden Labs located in Washington the State not the capital, produced a graphic on line chat world they call Second Life where people can go listen to music, dance in Avatars and chat all day and night and create whatever they wish, from clean sims to adult sex sims. The thing is it is a great place for lonely souls to make dreams come through without physically meeting in real life. Yet, if you do meet someone you wish to meet, again, be careful and stay safe, use protection of course if you have sex.  It is not all intended for just meeting someone, but it is fun and many do tend to meet. So there are many sites and games online you can get lost in and end up meeting someone if you wish. Life is about adventures, pleasure and having fun, but you also have to remember the real world is there and you have to take care of reality each day too and not escape and ignore it. Life is real, these sites are online and virtual, if they interfere with your real life and overtake them, then it is time to step back and figure out what you really want, isn’t it?