Super Bowl/ Government Shut Down/ Republicans are at Fault!

Well I suck at predicting Super Bowl teams that’s for sure. Congratulations to the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles for making it to the Superbowl. It should make an interesting contest is both teams play up to their potential. Both have good offenses and defences too. Brady gives the advantage to New England with his experience at winning Super Bowls and playoff games. The Eagles will be the underdog one more time, trying to overcome an impossible foe to beat easily at least. I wish both teams the best in it, and was sad to see Minnesota play so lousy. I never thought the Vikings would just lay down and die like they did, obviously they were not the team I thought they were or could be, sadly as one of their biggest fans since i was a child. But the fates have control, not I, and yes I am not a great predictor of football game outcomes.

Next is what I call the Trump Shutdown of our American Government. As many Americans who served their country are now finding, new claims against the Military And Government are being denied now. Social Security checks for the elderly and unhealthy are going through, but may be stopped if this shutdown goes on too long. Many Americans and those wanting to be Americans under Daca are about to be deported for no reason other than the President doesn’t care about saving them, it’s sad indeed. As the American Government is at a stand still, the rest of the world barrel ahead watching us look like fools. Sad isn’t it, we have an American President who is like a spoiled child who wants what he wants and that’s it, screw anyone else~ Sad very Sad!

He used Russian money and help to win the Presidency, ignores American laws and colluded with Russia and he gets away with it, because Congress, both sides, Senate and House are scared of him and taking him on to remove him from office. Americans are chickens especially our representatives in the house and Senate, you would think after all Trump put us through in the last year, they would finally stand up to him! yet, they are scared of him and take no action, allowing him to shut down the Government over illegal immigration and a stupid wall no one needs. The Daca participants who came here to get citizenship and work for  their future, are now being shipped out at a rate of over a thousand per day. Sad isn’t it? Answer me this Mr. Trump what did these Daca people do to you or America, that you want them gone so badly?

As that continues now and Trump claims an economy that really is not his, but is the result of Obama’s Presidency, we have to wonder just what the hell the Golfer in The White House is doing other than watching Fox News and MSNBC.  He is taking trips to his country clubs and golf courses at American Expense and doing nothing but golfing his life away!. It’s a sad time for all America as the worst President ever elected messes up the country and the world by isolating America from it, it is sad as hell.

I have one thing to say to the Republicans, You own the Senate Majority, The House Majority and The Speaker position and the White House, yet you can’t get one damn thing done like pass a budget all  I can say is, Your One Sad Political Party you GOPers.





NFL Conference Championships Coming UP!

The National Football League is in its Conference Championship weekend coming up and it seems to me, they are either setting up the New England Patriots for a return for a 5th Championship and Super Bowl Victory or some teams will have to play far above their levels to get the Super Bowl Victory. Sadly, New England has run the Gambit and won many Super Bowls and they have many rings and trophies, I don’t say they are doing anything illegal or wrong just that their constant winning is not good for the League or the fans.

As we get read to watch the Jacksonville Jaguars come to New England to play for the AFC Championship we also realize the odds are against then beating the New England Patriots. Yes Jacksonville does have a great defensive unit and Blake Bortles did perform well in their last game against the Steelers. Scoring 45 points against Pittsburgh’s vaunted defense was a job well done, but New England is a different dog fight for sure. To beat the New England Patriots, Jacksonville will need to score another 45 points and keep Tom Brady off the field for most of the game. Possession will be key if Jacksonville wants to go to the Super Bowl and New England and Brady do not need a lot of time to score. I would love to say Jacksonville has a chance at the Super Bowl, just t see another team play in it that is up and coming, but the New England Patriots are the cream of the crop so to speak.  So Good Luck to the JacksonVille Jaguars in their fight to get to the Super Bowl, My Prediction New England by 21 points.

The NFC Championship game in Philadelphia is a totally different story, The Eagles starting Quarterback Nick Foles is a Journeyman, just like the Vikings Quarterback Case Keenum. The battle will be a defensive one and the one team that can stifle the others running game should win. The passing game will probably not be a big factor here, but if it is, I would suggest Keenum and the Vikings may have the edge in that department. This will be a knock down, drag out game of defenses, and running games mainly for without a run game by either team, no passing game will come up or out. I admire The Vikings and their grit and determination and believe they deserve a chance at a Super Bowl title. Time will tell though, because of the Vikings Miracle Play in Minnesota, the question really is how much luck is left in their ship so to say. The Eagle area tough hard team that are physical and ready to play and they are just as hungry.  In the end how would I pick this game, well here is my thought—- Vikings 24, Eagles 14 for an ending! But I must admit if the Vikings don’t play all out here it can go the other way quickly, it will depend on ball possession and defense.


Americans need to Listen! Congress Listen!

Americans really didn’t want DOnald J. Trump as their President in the 2016 Presidential Election, they just feared Hillary Clinton is all and they let their fears of what she may have wanted to do, drive them to elect the worst President in American History Period. We are now, stuck with a man, who should be removed from the position for more reasons than we can count.

He has spent one third of his first year in Office on the Golf COurses he has built, he has alienated us from the world and isolated us from the world also. Even our greatest ally, Great Britain  does want him in their country, he is too divisive, unempathic, assine and a narcissist.

He is a racist slimeball, hiding behind daily lies, each day he is in office. He lies to the American people and the world, he antagonizes other countries and their leaders and puts us on the brink or war each day with his mouth, he has no self control whatsoever!. He claims he is creating jobs, he hasn’t, he wants to build a wall between us and Mexico where one has never been needed in over 230 years and he wants the American taxpayers to pay for it all, just so he can have his way. He has no intention of allowing the Daca people to stay in America and he is just using them as a bargaining chip to try to get his way and his wall.  It is sad indeed!

He calls African nations and other shithole, or shithouse countries and tries to say he didn’t say it, he is lying again folks he said it. Sadly, this man insults, blacks, hispanics, asians and every other race o the planet that he can, and he then denies he is racist, that is crap.

In closing this blog today, I have a suggestion for COngress, both, Houses, get together, and hold meetings to discuss the fitness of your President and you will find he is off balanced, unable to conduct his position as President properly. You as our Congress, need to realize just how bad he really is. Your in Congress as a Senator or Representative, elected to Represent those of us who voted for you, don’t you think it’s time you do something to protect our Democracy from a rogue President with no social skills before he drags us to a low level we can never recover from?

I fear what is coming! 2018

2018 is gonna bring many changes in the United States and in the world, but most of all for me in my own life I know for sure. I am currently witnessing the destruction of the United States by Donald Trump in such a way as never before in American History, he is isolating America from the world,, destroying pacts and treaties and agreements and he is working in collusion with Russia and putin who has bought and paid for his Presidency, it’s sad.

As Americans struggle to pay medical costs, due to his killing Obamacare, many struggle to survive and the medical industry comes under strain of eating the cost for many patients out there. At home in my home my wife struggles to survive, as she has gone from being a breast cancer patient in 2006 to a bone cancer patient in 2016 and now  in 2018 her struggle to survive is getting greater as she is weaker it seems to me each day. Sleeping more and awake very few hours a day leaving me to take care of her in anyway I possibly can. I don’t know how long a woman of 77 can last filled with bone cancer and not eating much and sleeping three quarters of her day away as well as all night. It is apparent to me, the end may be near for my Melinda and I shall fall apart when it does happen and I know it. Yet I refuse to let her go, but work overtime to keep her comfortable as humanly possible. It’s what you do for those you love in life, you stay with them through everything and anything.

Each day I know brings us closer to what will happen and I try to prepare myself for it mentally and emotionally, but I know when it happens I shall crumble. I can’t control, life or destiny or fate folks, so like everyone else I know, I continue on the best I can, dealing the best I can.

Anyway, I am slowly recovering myself now from a bout of Colitis, that I felt took a lot out of me. Four days of pure misery in a hospital and at home. I lost weight and energy I never realized I ever had and move slower now a days. I am not the Bill I was in my younger days for sure, too many medical issues and mental issues plague me. PTSD, back problems from herniated discs in my spine, recent hernia operation I recovered fro and of course my Lung Cancer in 2013. Although, seem normal to the average set of eyes and those who know me I am not. I am in constant pain from the back and the nightmares that roam my mind. Yet persist is what I will do and take care of my Melinda the best I can.

Soon enough I will be 62 years old, the 25th of this month to be exact. I have outlived my real father who died at 55 from lung cancer, my mother who went at 60 of lung cancer and my step-father who went at 59 of cancer also. I  done my duty as a man and produced two children in my first marriage which did not work out for me, and I have lost them to their mothers anger. I fought to get them back and did for a while and met my grandchildren also, I came a long way from where my first wife tried to dump me in a jail cell for a crime I never did but her father did to her.

I came back well, in the 1990’s, by getting help from the Veterans Administration and the Veteran’s Hospital, to go back to school and get a  Associates Degree in Hospitality Management, becoming an Assistant Manager in restaurants and a Hotel Manager in my own right. Then saw my mental and physical health go south slowly on me and ending up retiring at a young age.  Yet I still persist and survive, and we have paid off our home and cars and owe very little except for medical bills and utilities these days. Each day now is survival and taking care of my Melinda and trying to stay alive and keep going.

Each day I wake up and wonder is my Melinda going to wake up, is she breathing and I check her chest to see if she is breathing. It’s not an easy way to live, but it is what I will do to keep her safe, secure and alive as long as I can. And there you have my fears folks, and they gt worse each day, but the alternative is way worse and I am thankful for what I do have.

Life is choices, We all make them!

Life is choices and what many need to remember is, before you act on them, make sure they are what you really want to do and need. If not you end up in unhappy situations and positions and struggle to get back to your own comfort zone.

For instance, choices are made in relationships everyday out there/ Job Choices, relationships choice, lifestyle choices all come into play, for each and every person alive. Don’t make your choices based on what someone else says you need, or listen to others, make your choices on your own emotions and needs and for what is best for yourself. decisions, should be made thinking of your own needs, wants, desires and what you can live with. If you do it to please someone else, you won’t be happy in the long run and it will affect your emotional and mental stability in the end and drive your life in the wrong direction and corrections are harder to make as you age. I see too many unhappy and sad people in life who want things other than they have for themselves, but have made the wrong decisions and got locked in. Believe it or not choices must be made at young ages , and a child or teenager should be guided by an adult to make the right ones.

That said, it bring me to our current President and  the choice he made to run and get the office. he didn’t realize he would actually win as he said himself and so did his team. Sadly he won and now we are stuck with a President who has no idea what the hell he is doing, who is illiterate and can’t even understand the Constitution or Bill of Rights. he plays mind games with people in the government and internationally. Now America is suffering because he ran and won, and those who voted for him try hard to deny they did.  Sadly, we all know he didn’t win the popular vote in America and the Russians and their money helped him win the Electoral College. We are being run  by a man bought and put in place by the russians who bought him, he should be impeached in my opinion.

December 30th, 2017, He Protests too much, methinks!

Over the past few days we have heard Donald J. Trump deny collusion with the Russians at least 16 times, maybe two dozen, or more. Methinks he protests too much and denys too much also. Why worry about it unless you did it, or had something to do with it? He is the President is he not, so why bother with all these denials unless, you have to,  because of a guilty consequence. many question come to mind for me on this collusion charge and one is very vital to the solution of it all and finding the truth. Where exactly did the Russians get the information to target key cities, districts and states in America, with the propaganda and ads and tweets and FaceBook Ads they did? How would they know where the Democratic Blue Belt was or is? Who told them where to spend their money for the ads they placed? Interesting question isn’t it, it would have to have been a member of Trump’s campaign staff or his family who gave that information out to the russians, no doubt in my mind for sure. We all also know for a fact no decision or action in that campaign, happened or was allowed without Donald J. Trump giving it permission to happen, he has said that and so did Manafort, Donald Trump JR. Roger Stone, and Jared Kushner too!.  Interesting question isn’t it folks and something that Special Prosecutor Mueller should definitely look into you ask me.

Then someone should also look into the many ways Trump has committed Obstruction of Justice since his election.  Sally Yates’s firing, James Comey’s Firing,  for starters, shouldn’t all Americans know why it was done and who he was trying to protect. What about his waving Pardons in the air for Manafort, Gates and Flynn, he has done them, but he is sure holding them out there, to prevent them from talking fully, isn’t he!.  Sadly, we all know the only way Trump was elected and won the Electoral College vote is simply money and plenty of it was Russian. This man sits in office as Putin makes power moves all over the world and says not a thing bad about America’s greatest nemesis, sad isn’t it?  Why is that folks, why, does he not attack Russia, and why does he defend them and Putin left and right?  I remind all of you of the American revolution, and a man named Benedict Arnold who colluded with the British, and ended up labeled a traitor to America and had to live in England till his death. For if Arnold had returned to America he would have been hung by America and George Washington. I remind all that colluding with the enemy if a traitorous act and under American Law and Justice and punishable by hanging till death. Of course we are a modern America now and we would not stoop to hanging, but we sure can in prison him and all who helped his to do it, can’t we.

Mr. Trump is a megalomaniacal, narcissist, and that is a very dangerous person to have within his fingertips the button and codes of the the Nuke Arsenal of America is  it not?   How long can Americans allow this man in his mental state and with the personality flaws he has to run this country and survive?  he withdraws us from treaties we should be leading isolating us from the world. He wants to build walls and stop immigration which is what built this country in the first place.  he promises new jobs and does not produce them, now he has gone ahead and altered and changed the tax laws to benefit himself, his family and his rich friends.  Yet 3 percent of Americans still back this man and believe in him as their President why? I remind you all though that 35 percent of Americans is not the majority, almost two thirds of Americans believe he is dangerous and not their President. yet he still says he can be reelected in 2020 and that the American Press which he is trying to destroy and shut down, will die if they don’t have him in office to talk and write about. Sad isn’t it, for it is the same ploy and discussions Putin uses in Russia to keep power too.  he says he can do whatever he wants with The Justice Department, hmm sounds like a russian thing to me, for that is what Putin does too. Sad isn’t it, when it takes Americans over a year to realize they actually elected a Russian PUppet to the American Presidency!

There are few options left for concerned Americans as Trump hammers the news media in all ways to stop them from revealing the truths out there. In The end Americans, should now realize Trump doesn’t care about you or me in the middle class to the lower class in America, what he cares about is his rich friends and himself. He has killed people’s healthcare by destroying Obamacare, he wants to tackle and take apart Social Security Medicaid and Medicare, leaving many Americans with nothing for healthcare or anything to survive on. Wake up folks it’s about to get a lot worse in 2018. The rich get richer the poor get poorer and no one who is a Republican cares, they just party on, rich as hell.

Two main option remain for the American People to rid themselves of Trump. 1) Impeach Trump for Obstruction of Justice and Collusion. 2) Remove him by way of a mental deficiency under the 25th Amendment, as being unstable and destructive to the Government and The People. If no action is taken, he will drive us into a war with  North Korea, or another nation, he has no diplomatic skills, and he ties the hands of the State Department at every turn.  Sadly he will continue to isolate us from the world more, leaving us ultimately with no allies in the world. America is not an island unto itself, nor can we survive without interaction with the rest of the world, nor can we continue to stop lead, we must lead or the world will fall into communist hands for sure. Americans must come together to survive and help the world survive also.






December 29th, 2017 two days left!

Two days to go in 2017, and it seems our President who has not accomplished one damn thing worth while, complains and denies the truth in the news and in his own life. He decries and complains the news is unfair to him and his people, in fact that is the furthest from the truth. He knows it too but wishes to stay clear of the oncoming onslaught or collusion and obstruction of justice coming at him. He knows he is guilty of both, but he will deny it till the day he dies for sure, for that is what a mentally ill and incompetent individual does. Look at Richard Nixon, he denied and avoided and evaded till he died and so will Trump. it the way megalomaniac and narcissistic individuals work. I fit doesn’t fit their nice little picture of the world or play to them, they deny, evade and avoid and distract with lies and false statements. This is what Donald Trump does best.

So, i am about to say what he fears and will dislike most. 1) You protest and deflect and avoid the collusion charges too much. You know you guilty of them, and that russian money got you into office and you know if you admit it or it is proven, you will be labeled a traitor to your own country, and treason is in America punishable by hanging. 2) You Obstruct Justice everyday in your own little ways, you threaten to fire the Special Prosecutor, and stop the investigation. You talk of Pardons for Manafort, Flynn and Gates like you haven’t even thought about it, but you have and will probably Pardon them all if you can, to stop the truth from coming out. Sadly, that will lead to more Impeachment Charges against you. You are caught in a sad position and are a weak and useless President really, you will never accomplish much, for no one can trust or respect you. not the people or politicians that have to work around you. Sadly, no one can respect a man who Obstructs Justice, hides behind lies and colludes with an enemy of his own country. Like Benedict  Arnold in the revolutionary Days you have sold your country to a enemy and are indeed a traitor. Putin’s Puppet in America is who you are and sadly the American People are taking a period of time to realize it. Slowly you are selling America out.

As we end 2017 and look forward to 2018 Americans, we must deal with the facts and work overtime to remove President Trump from Office, is we don’t he will continue to withdraw us from the world stage, isolate us and continue to do Putin’s bidding. Russia grows in power each day because America is being withdrawn from the world stage by Trump. Putin expands his power and reach and America sits back and says nothing at all about Russia, wonder why. it’s easy, Trump owes his election to the Presidency to Putin and Russia is why! How did the russians know how to target key districts and states in the Blur Belt of the Democrats if Trump’s team didn’t tell them where to place their ads? What business did DOnald Trump Junior and Manafort and Roger Stone and Gates and other shave in contacting the Russians and talking in private with them in Trump Tower? You Tell me?

Why does an American President do nothing to stop Russian Expansions and shows of military might around the world? The Russians expand territories and trump says nothing, they threaten American Planes and ships and buzz them, but no response is given from America or The White House why? Simple folks, Trump belongs to Putin and Russia, he was paid and bought by them and it is how he was elected period.  I know many will yell bullshit at what I am saying and I will not be surprised to hear it, but answer the whys to all the about with better answers for me, then!

As 2017 ends in two days, Americans must wake up in 2018 and realize they are being sold out by their own President and Impeach or remove him from office in any way they can. many fear Mike Pence if Trump is forced to resign, or is impeached or removed by the 25th Amendment, I don’t. Because in fact as it goes now once trump is removed and replaced by Pence, Pence will be powerless also, because Congress will turn blue again in 2018. So he will be stalemated also if he gets the office.

Are there really people stupid enough to vote republican in 2018 and let them control the country further? I hope not, but time shall tell for sure now.  The poor wil pay more taxes now and the rich will get richer including Trump, sadly million more Americans will not have health care and the republicans want to target Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security in 2018, do you want to let them take them away and reduce them?

Final word from me for 2017, We the American People must protect our own selves, our country and the American Values or we will lose them folks. wake up America, fight back do something or be overrun and controlled by Russian Puppets and russian ways! 2017 brought us a Russian Puppet as a President and we the American People should now realize what is coming and run Trump out of Office in anyway we can, or lose our rights and ways.