Opinion of Trump, Cancer, Books

As 2017 rolls along too many times has President trump lied, and pulled out of deals he has no business pulling out of. He has done nothing regarding North Korea and the nuke they have now.

No Wall is being built between America and Mexico and it shouldn’t be is what I say, he wants the damn wall tell him to pay for it himself. No jobs are being created as he promised, the big deal maker has failed. He pulled out of the Paris Accord because he said climate change was a hoax put out by China, now we get hit with hurricanes like never before and no reaction. He’s not a President folks, he is a sheep in a lions clothing, hiding behind lies.

9 Months into his Presidency and he still can not fix Health Care, or repeal or replace Obamacare, and he never will, we will still have it in 2020 watch.  This man lied his way into the White House and barely got there and those who voted for him, need to slap themselves silly to realize what they did. Those who voted for Trump in 2016 should hang their heads in shame, he is not cooth enough, smart enough, he lacks manners, intelligence and abilities. He spends more time on the Golf course and out of the White House then in it. He is a sad excuse for a man, he treats women like sex toys and with total disrespect, it’s sad as all hell.

Not one bill or law has been introduced under his Presidency that can or will ever pass Congress in any area of need. He doesn’t have the people to create a bill or the knowledge to do it himself. His ideas stink, we all know it, his immigration failure is big in itself, he scares folks away but there is no law that he passed to control it, not really.

He’s a weak {resident with a big mouth and no balls, really. He sits in Office doing nothing check for yourselves, see if you can find a law, bill or plan passed that he created helped to create, nope none exist. It’s a sad time in history and the 45th President of The United States is going to go down as the President that was our worst ever. He wants to attack social security and medicare and medicaid, and take money from seniors, and the disabled and handicapped. sad. Leave it alone, you want to get money to run the government and pay the bills, tax your rich millionaire and above friends make them pay, for it all they got rich off of it. They have been hoarding the cash and have it, ask them to give back and help their country pay it’s bills. Without, this country and the way it is run and it’s economy, they would be broke. Give some back, you rich people help your nation survive.

OK, enough anger at Trump and his failures as President. Next subject, today I go back to The Veteran’s Hospital for another check-up for my lung cancer and to make sure it didn’t return. I got lung cancer in 2013. and thanks to my Primary Care Provider, she had me tested in a survey, it was removed by the Veteran’s Hospital’s Doctors who were brought in from Yale. Since they did the operation I have been fine, even though I lost a lobe and 1/3rd  in the process, so I feel blessed and that they extended my life time warranty and I thank them for that.

Each day is a new one as I live on and write and speak online, my wife is  currently a cancer victim also who went from breast cancer to bone cancer in 2016. Grants have been granted for drugs to keep her alive and with me and they seem to be holding her tumor markers at a low rate and keeping her going thank God. Cancer has followed me around from a young age when my first girlfriend was diagnosed with it, through my father dying of it, and then my step-father and mother, and now my wife and I. Sadly, you can’t escape the fates, can you, you must deal with it is all as you go along.

Finally, let me leave you with a link to my Amazon Author’s Page and my little books I have written so far. I am trying to sell them for .99 cents up to 3.99 a shot. I am hoping people will buy some and help me out with trying to survive and keep my wife going too. Thank you for reading my blog’



17th Anniversary and 24 Years Together

Ok, last night my wife and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary by going to a live Musical at Goodspeed Theather, in East Haddam, Connecticut. Her father was born and raised in Oklahoma before it became a state. The Musical is all about a love story and the wide open ranges of Oklahoma. The cast of this show is fantastic, and the lead singers for it are great. First, we went to dinner at the Gelston House next door and while it was a package dinner and theatre package, the meal was at best, passable to both of us.

The Show though was far from just good it was great, the performers can sing their buns off. We laughed and cried with the characters and the audience was drawn in by the performers, who had their parts down like the back of their hands. If you get a chance and want to see a good live performance, of a Rogers and Hammerstein’s classic  I recommend you get tickets before it goes, it will be there until September 27th, 2017, it is held over due to sold out performances! It’s more than a hit, it’s enjoyable, immersive and fun, they will make you sing, laugh and enjoy.

Ok, like I said it was our 17th, Wedding Anniversary and we had a good time just the wife and I.  17 years of marriage and 24 years together going on 25, is a feat for sure. We have had our arguments, differences and so much more. Marriage folks consist of compromise, caring, love, friendship, open communication. In our case, it also involves cancer for both of us and we stick by and support each other every day. My wife God Bless Her Soul had been a Breast Cancer Survivor since 2006, and in 2016 ten years later it went from Breast cancer to Bone Cancer. Meanwhile, in the meantime ,I was hit with Lung Cancer in 2013 and survived that too.  We never wavered and never would think of running away or not staying with each other, I really don’t care what anyone says or does except us. When it all ends, for us one way or another if she goes first, there will never be a replacement for her, in my life for me. I will love her till my dying breath, no matter what! We laughed, we cry, we talk and we live together and she is my everything!


President Trump Listen Up!

I tire of President Trump yelling at people and treating those around him with total disrespect. I wish just once someone would stand up to him and tell him off. He has no respect for anyone an0d is one rude and indifferent individual with a limited education that shows, by what comes out of his mouth daily. He insults the people who supported his dumb ass for President and now feel much differently under current circumstances. He has totally destroyed anything his predecessor did, killing Obama care almost, pulling us from Trade Agreement, and Environmental Pacts about Climate Change. He continues to make no progress on any legislative agenda or bill. He brags about things he supposedly did for jobs but has done nothing really. The Bottom line is the economy we have come from and continue to come from The Obama Administration. Trump has done nothing constructive for this country, nor has his administration either so far. Remember we are in September, 9 months from his taking office and not one bill,  or law has been passed with his name or signature on it that positively affects this country. It’s a  sad sad day in America, for those who voted for Trump, they should all now realize they elected a false leader, not one that knows what he is doing. His performance is so bad he will go down in history as the worst President ever when he leaves office in 2020. When you elect a President next time, think of their background, their education and reputation before you pull the lever for them or fill out a form. he lost the Popular Election by over 3 million votes and barely squeaked by in The Electoral College and calls himself a big winner, in fact, he is nothing but a big Whiner!He whines about anything that does go his way period and in the end, he can’t for the sake of his own life figure how to deal with real politicians in any party or any other. This is a sad sad time in American History, the biggest disasters weather wise hit us this year in the Hurricanes in the south and he still denies Climate Change is real? What an asshole!

As time goes on, for those who voted for Trump, tell me where are the jobs he promised? Where is the big economic boost? Where is the big deal maker he claimed to be? Tell me where that one is, please, this man wants to kill Medicare and Medicaid and take more fund from Social Security, and you people voted for him, don’t make me laugh! He will never repeal Obamacare because he can’t even think of a way to create a health care program for all Americans. It’s sad really, now he has fired, Sally Yates, Jim Comey, and more and now wants to fire his own pick for Attorney General, he’s a sad, person period. he thinks firing those handling the investigation into his collision with Russia is the way to stop the investigation. It isn’t Mr. trump all you will do is anger more people by firing more people and the replacements will keep digging till they nail your ass. Investigations in Presidents doing illegal stuff don’t disappear no matter what the President who it about does ask Richard Nixon or his family. They grabbed onto Watergate and never let go ask Bill Clinton, he will tell you the same. You’re a fool ,Mr. Trump. you colluded with The Russians, to win the White House and got there and can’t-do a damn thing now that you’re there. That’s sad!

Someone once said they thought you would resign after one year in office and move on, I can only hope you do, for your totally lost. That Wharton Business College Degree is nothing and will not help you in office and you have already proven it so you can use it as toilet paper really if you get the drift. Your one sad, sad, sad man in many ways. You treat women like garbage and brag about it Did they teach you at Wharton to be such an ass and a sexist individual? How does Melania put up with you ad Ivanka too?  I know my wife, my sister, my in-laws even my first wife and ex-in-laws would slap ya in the face and walk away if you did it to them.  Ah why go on, just tell the truth Trump get someone to help you write a bill or law that works, get someone to teach you manners and get some cooth, will you.





Frustrations of a Writer-My Amazon Books

The frustrations of a writer run deep, to those who know them the writers. What to write about, do I write fiction, non-fiction, poetry, sci-fi, adventures, mysteries, detective, or romance?  So many choices to pick for subjects, do I base it on facts or not, how long doe sit have to be to sell and be profitable. Should I do children’s books, or adult books, or Young Adult books? All Questions writers must face when they write, and none have any easy answers. we struggle when an idea pops into our head, to formulate how to tell it, do we tell it in first person or third person, do we expand on the story and grow the plot, or expand a character? Is it all about one character and can that one carry the whole story or not? If not how do I introduce another character, and why?  So many questions and then you go thru the process of getting it all bled out onto a sheet or paper or a word processing program on your computer and the question becomes is it good enough for public consumption, will they like it? How do I get it published, who do I submit it to, or do I self-publish it? So many questions keep coming up int he process, it can be frustrating as hell.

You write it and edit it and correct it and re-word it till you believe it is right and sounds great. Then you ask a fellow writer to read it and they tell you about misspellings you missed missing punctuation, bad grammar or spacing, and all you can do is go back over it again and correct it all. It feels at times like a struggle and that you are bleeding all of yourself into the story, characters, plot and then someone says, well, it’s ok, but not great!. Frustration hits hard at that point, not everyone can write period and not everyone has the patience or understanding to read it after you wrote it. So sometimes, you, toss it, and start over, throwing the wads of paper and words against a wall or in a garbage bin. Anger takes over and you walk away. It’ can be a nasty process and beat a person down. Or you just delete it all on a computer and in a word processor because it doesn’t sound right to you. Happens all the time to writers out there and journalist of all types. sadly, this is what writers go through all the time, what do I write about, what subject will intrigue and attract the readers. Will it be a mystery, a detective, a romance, a sci-fi , an adventure maybe?  Do I tell a real life story or event or make one up, how many characters are in it and should I outline it first or not? How do I introduce a new character, should I how far should I push it, should I be realistic or outrageous?

So we bleed onto the paper or into the word processor what we can and then re-work it, edit it, and then hand it or send it to someone else to check it out and read it for us. Did they like it, how many mistakes did they find, was the story too corny, or phony or not realistic enough, was the plot good, did it flow properly? Did I extend it too far and drag it out too long?  What should I do for Dedications and Epilogue, and should I do an Introduction? What kind of a cover do I pick? So many questions come to mind when you write, and then once you do get it into a manuscript and edited and finished and assembled, who to send it to, do I self-publish, or send it in? Will it be accepted or rejected? if it is accepted will they pay me for my work, or do I have to pay them to publish it?

All adds up to frustrations at each corner that’s for sure for a writer. For me, I write for fun, or to tell a story about something I lived through, or I may fabricate one based on some facts I know about something and go from there. yet I a more frustrated at the publishing process, the affordability factors and the rejection factors. I sent one manuscript into a Publishing Company and to be honest, I was upset by their reply. Sir, we have read your manuscript and think it is worthy of publication, we believe we can share the cost of publication with you and they sent me a contract, giving them full rights to my work once published by them. No Thank you folks, Iw il keep my work then under those circumstances. If you don’t wish to pay me for what I write fine say so, don’t try to take me for my work and mkae money off of me ok! So Frustration once more sets in and I walk away from writing anger and bitter over the rejection of my work. The rules of writing are not clear either, I mean how long is a Novel to be, whats considered a short story? Who sets the standards for these things the Publisher or the Author? You Tell me, folks!

So here is the bottom line for me, I have done romances, mysteries, even a Bio, and poetry books, am I that bad as a writer?. You all tell me because my frustration is trying to break through so people can read and enjoy what I write, how does one get through the wall? I am trying, I even did a Children’s book, yet to no avail so far. So I don’t know what to do next and my frustration builds, and I know me if it builds enough I shall just give up and walk away, even though I would rather write more if I can. Time shall tell is all I can say, finding subjects or ideas to write on, is like pulling water from a dry well at times, and then the emotions used to make a story, run dry also. What is a writer to do?

I know not how to promote my books/ stories online, I just stick them up on Amazon, or Inkitt, or Draft2Digital  and hope people will find them. Then, I take the links and post them on Google, Facebook, and anywhere I can online like Instagram and pray they sell.  I have no experience selling books, nor am I Dan Brown, Patterson, Jack London, or any other great Author, I am just an everyday person trying to get the word out that he wrote some stories. My Stories are usually short and to the point, the longest I believe is the latest, at 14,000 words or so. I don’t take my stories and stretch them out for, in my opinion, if I stop when I feel it is proper, then it is done. Some would keep going and expand them, by fabricating more and adding to them, yet I can only tell a story for so long, then I lose track of the story line or end up just going to an ending naturally. Am I wrong in doing so, maybe so, for people who read want a longer book, what I do is short stories so I really don’t sell many at all. I am not rich, and I don’t make money writing, it cost me to advertise what I write so I actually lose money in the deal. Sadly, maybe I should stop trying to publish them myself, for if they were good enough some publishing company may have picked them up by now. Will I publish again, well that is now a question still up for answers, for money is a problem and cost is something that can kill an Author, you can submit to publishers all day and night, but it is really up to them if they accept a manuscript, and make it into a book. They only make an offer to you if they believe they can make money off of it. many of the Publishers I have run into online are either far too expensive for a new Author or a con job, wanting to steal an Authors works for their own purposes.

While I write for therapeutic reasons, or to tell stories of my life and history, or I fabricate a story like I did with The Scepter and Throne Mystery, it seems to never be long enough or good enough for the public to grab onto.  Frustration can kill anyone, especially a writer, for you try to put your emotions and soul into what you write, so others can feel the passion you have for the story too or subject, but it doesn’t matter really if you write it and no one sees or hears it. It;s like a shot in the dark with the lights off and the sound shut off too, never seen or heard. So to a Writer, it’s a lost time period in attempting to tell the story, we lose the life, time, passion and gain frustration and anger and ultimately give up and walk away because it is a futile experience. Such is the case with me, right now, people have no understanding of what I write nor do they wish I guess at this time to read it or have interest in it. So My little stories sit on internet web sites and never get read or bought.

I have had others tell me to write more, and longer stories, yet it is not in me to drag a story out just to increase the pages in it, without having the plot to follow that flows naturally. I have done mysteries, a children’s book, and romances too and all are online in my Amazon Account and on sale there. My Author’s Page is here:https://www.amazon.com/William-McCurrach/e/B00CQMGTSM/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0





Why Do Writer’s Write? And The Lost Love Letter!

I was asked this question, why do you write? I see it as a therapeutic action to events that happen in my life and to the people around me. I take some of those events and turn them into stories and then take it the next step if I can into a manuscript or book form if possible. Why you ask simply, so others will experience them with me and understand where I came from during those events.  Sometimes I use my writing to bash politics and politicians who need bashing, other times I write about staying and living with and marrying people who had cancer, in their lives. It all depends on what is happening in my life or what I am thinking about. I know it sounds corny, or boring, but then I am now in my sixties and I have a right to be corny or boring if I want. DOn’t I, I write sometimes about military life, on ships, or make up stories about things people wouldn’t, it is all a way to express points of view, ideas or sometimes just whimsical relief. So when you ask a writer why they wrote something, be prepared at times not to get the answer you expected ok, because our reasoning is a little different from what we do.

The said and done, I hope I explained it well enough, let’s move on to some stories I did write for instance and why?  I recently wrote The Scepter and Throne Mystery and made it into an e-book and paperback. It’s a short story that goes into South Dakota and finds a mysterious valley with caves and is an adventure really. It was a thought at the time because I was thinking of my honeymoon with my wife, we had gone to New Mexico Santa Fe and Taos. While there we had run into the Taos Pueblos and an Indian family so, I made up the story based on the character I saw and met. So Ideas for stories come from many places for writers and we all know what we do, and try to incorporate some of it in the stories giving some history to it. For instance, The Lakota Tribe I wrote about, was real as was Chief Red Cloud, I used his history to build further and weave mine.

Ok, next subject, an event happened this year that to me, brought memories flooding back at me. I want to say this in a proper way when you are young, you find first loves, as you grow, some become girlfriends or boyfriends some don’t, others you date and walk away, then there is the first kiss and the first sex. For me, the story I started to write recently is about someone, who in my life was special to me. What brought the story to light in my mind was her recent death and it kind of disturbed me I was unable to attend her Wake and Funeral, due to her families misconceptions about me as a person. So when I began the story, I had to tell the background of it in such a way as to lead up to the ending, so I built some on it. Yet I could never bring myself to lie or exaggerate about any of it, I felt, in honor of her memory and what she meant to me I would just tell it honestly, so I did. The Story is finished, it’s not a book, it’s a story, but the point of it is simple, again it’s therapeutic for me and a way to explain to members of her family how I felt and feel and the sadness I felt when I found out she died.  So, without further ado, this is what I am going to do, I am going to post the story here on my blog, I have not used any last names, just first names, and in the end, I hope it will ease some pain and bring good memories to others as it did to me.

The Lost Letter


Two young children, a boy, and a girl sat on a porch, looking out over the neighborhood, side by side in lawn chairs, watching cars go by.  As the cars went by, the two children, laughed and joked and dreamed of the future for themselves. They had big dreams, little Bettidean and Bill, what neither knew or spoke of was what their dreams were. No one would know, for children keep secrets well, and some believe, boys and girls have different dreams, the truth is you never know.

Bettidean was a cute little girl with long brown hair and big blue eyes, and freckles over her nose. Bill was a little towhead blond boy, with a smile and lots of energy. The Porch was wide and comfy and the days would pass the two of them playing together, from cars and trucks to dolls and house and tea parties. Each day was a new adventure for these two, they were having fun each and every day and when his mom called, Bill would run home to eat and do what he had to and sleep. Yet each day he and Bettidean would be found on that same porch, it was the way it was and accepted by their parents. They had fun and played together that way, from around five years old till about ten, when they separated just because of age. Bettidean was growing into a beautiful young girl and Bill a young man, and they knew as did their parent’s people would talk and of course there was the peer pressure of their friends at school by now. Then the kids at school started with the old romantic rhymes teasing them both, and of course, the two didn’t know exactly what to do, so they started avoiding each other, only waving hello to each other at school and in the neighborhood. They were growing up and apart, and it was that time of their lives when romance and attraction to the opposite sex were just beginning in their lives.

By Age 14 they both were in the same High School and ended up in the same homeroom together. Bettidean would tease Bill every morning in homeroom and Bill would try to stay away and avoid her at all cost. Even though they knew they were very old friends, they would never admit it in the classes of high school. Bettidean though had made up her mind who she wanted for her boyfriend, and it was Bill and she was very persistent about it too, telling her girlfriends all about Bill whenever she could. It was a game of chase that started in Homeroom and went on, into the school hallways, each day in between classes.

One day in The Cafeteria, Bill was in line to get lunch with a friend and two girls he knew from a Park ran up to him. They were sisters and told Bill, Bettidean likes you and wanted to date with you and be with you. Bill said, “ You’re full of it, I don’t believe you!” ‘The Younger sister looked at Bill and said ask her yourself she is the cashier when you pay.” Bill did just that and was shocked when Bettidean smiled at him with her big smile and told him, “Yes, it’s true” Bill left the line thinking she was joking and didn’t believe her, So they went separate ways and right back to her teasing him in homeroom every day. Unknown to Bettidean, Bill had never really had a girlfriend, except her as a kid and they were older now and he never had even kissed a girl. Bettidean had had a boyfriend at the time and still did when she began chasing Bill, her boyfriend was a nice enough guy too.

A few days later in the school cafeteria, Bill sat down a few seats away from Bettidean and her boyfriend and she smiled at him, and then looked her boyfriend in his eyes and gave him back his class ring she had been wearing and broke up with him, and told him she wanted to be with Bill.  The boyfriend tried to convince her, not to break up with him for a while, trying to convince her they were a perfect couple, but Bettidean would have no part of it. In the end, the poor boyfriend was forced to move on, for not to do so, would have been wrong.

Bettidean, didn’t give up on Bill and still chased him each day in homeroom and through the halls of the school, each day, one day, even going to a point of following Bill from class to class singing with a girlfriend Stop In The Name of Love at him in a high voice. This bugged the hell out of Bill and he ignored it and kept walking and avoiding Bettidean.  Then at one point both Bill and Bettidean ended up in detention for doing something wrong. When they did, they began to talk again, and once more they started hanging out together, just like in their younger days. Bill started walking Bettidean home from school, at first, only till his turn off to his own home. Then the more days that went by that September to November, Bill and Bettidean walked further toward her home a little more each time. Finally, one November day, it was rainy and sprinkling and Bill walked Bettidean, past his point of going home through the center of town and up the other side of town, part way up her hill home. They had gotten out of school at 2 pm, and it was now after five in the evening they were wet and laughing every step of the way. When it was time to stop for Bill, Bettidean stopped to say goodbye, and she started crying, suddenly. Bill had no idea why she he asked and she told him “ She would be in trouble at home when she got there for being so late.” The tears rolled down Bettidean’s cheeks and Bill felt helpless and wanted her to stop crying. So Bill did what he felt was natural, he reached out pulled her close and kissed Bettidean standing here in the rain. It was a gentle kiss and stopped Bettidean from crying at the time and they parted, Bettidean going up the hill to her home and Bill in the opposite direction to his home. Bill thought of Bettodean at that time and she, of course, thought of Bill. Yet never again would another kiss happen between the two, except for brief peeks between them that November.  Their friendship would go on for a long time, but no romance would happen, between them. One evening Bill walked Bettidean all the way home to her front yard and while saying goodbye to her, all the windows on one side of her home opened, all these heads popped out. Unknown to Bill, Bettidean had many siblings and most of them were now watching them both. Seems she came from a very large family, she had 10 siblings, one of which was her sister Maria, the next in line. Maria had stuck her head out the window and said she could do better than Bill and teased her sister Bettidean about it all. Bill didn’t pay attention at the time, yet it did stick in his mind, it came back to him the following year in High School. Bettidean would move on and so would Bill. Bettidean to other boyfriends and Bill would end up with Maria her sister for a year or two. Yes, Maria, came after Bill the following school year in the same place as her sister, that cafeteria, and unlike many thought, Bill was not the aggressor Maria was. Through it, all Bettidean and Bill remained friends no matter what. It was surprising in many ways.

As Maria came on Bettidean, encouraged Bill towards her and while he dated Maria Bettidean was there watching at all times. Yet Maria and Bill only lasted for two years, in the end, Bill decided to join the military and it ended it all. He Left for the Army, where he failed in six months time and was discharged on an Honorable Trainee Discharge. Immature they said and Bill knew it too, so he moved on, looked for work, and went from job to job for a year never seeing Bettidean or Maria.  After the year passed, he went back into the military this time in the National Guard in his home town. After two years in the Army National Guard and three years after he broke up with Maria, Bill returned to their home for one question. He was now getting ready to leave in The United States Navy and he wanted a picture of each, Bettidean and Maria and they gave them to him and he left. The year was 1978, the biggest blizzard in Connecticut hit that year and yet The Navy came and got Bill and off he went. He wouldn’t see Bettidean for the next 16 years, but he had her and her sister’s picture with him, in his wallet all those years, even though he married and had two children. He lived a new life as a sailor, husband, and father, raising his kids and doing his duty for his country.

1990, came about and Bill’s marriage fell apart not of his own doing, his wife had mental problems, from being sexually abused by her father. When Bill found out he tried to help her, but it was too late, the memories came rushing back.  Bill had no idea what was about to happen next, but divorce came up and he was out and came back home to Connecticut. He settled in at his parents’ home, who gave him a bed and a room to stay in. He also got hit with bad news fast.

His, Step_father was dying of cancer and he watched the man slowly die, then he was hit with his mother dying, too. As his stepfather died and was buried, Bill’s mother was diagnosed with cancer also.  She made Bill and the other kids promise never to tell their step-father of her illness.  She worked to care for her husband as Bill and his siblings watched her do so. When he died, Bill’s mother threw herself over him in his coffin crying for him to take her with him. One year and a day later, she would follow her husband to the grave, cancer got her too.

One day, Bill was driving from his town to the next on a side street and there she was Bettidean in her hat, and strutting up the street. He rolled down a window and said hello to her, and she invited him up to her apartment. He had coffee and they chatted and began to hang out some again.

Bettidean was the first girl Bill kissed and she never knew that and she was also the first person he ever knew who had cancer, even before he had left for the service he knew. Bettidean had married and had two boys and BIll had married and had two boys and both were divorced. They laughed, played cards and games and just hung out helping each other through their divorces and discussing them.  One day the phone rang and Bettidean answered, and it was Maria her sister. Bettidean told Maria Bill was there and wanted her to come to her home. Bettidean said she had no way there unless Bill brought her and asked if it was ok. Maria said it’s ok, bring him.  So Bill drove Bettidean to Maria’s home, a trailer in a trailer park two towns away,

Bill felt out of place there and he didn’t feel right about being there, so after a short stay he left, leaving Bettidean there with Maria and her husband to be. It would be the last time Bill saw Bettidean, or her two boys and life went on as Bill met someone and got married again. Starting over, he married a second time, no children and went on to own his own home, towns away. In the Meantime, Bettidean was fighting her cancer and had to move to another state to get help and stay with Maria.  Her children were now grown and on their own.

One day, in 2017, Bill was on Facebook on the Internet at home and he noticed an obituary online, for Bettidean.   She had finally succumbed to her cancer at 61 years old.   She did so in her sisters home and was brought back to Connecticut for her Funeral and Wake. Bill saw the obituary and felt he should not go because Bettidean’s family the thought bad about him and thought he was trouble. The truth was he only helped where he could for both sisters that he knew, but, that wasn’t the way some in her family thought. So Bill never went to the Funeral Home and Wake or the Burial like he wanted to. Sadly, Bill also found out Maria had lost her husband and the family had lost their mother earlier in the same year. It’s now months later and Bill saw an elder brother had died recently.  Sadly, Bettidean never got the answer to the question she always asked Bill, why did he kiss her that November evening so many years ago, and yet never go further.

Many years later, Bill would die himself, in his seventies, and among his items left behind and found by one of his daughters was a letter.   When Bill’s daughter read the letter she cried, suddenly, and when done reread it again and this is what it said:

Dear Betts,

Our walks and times together were important to me and we laughed hard and had fun.  We were young, foolish and hormone driven and drawn together with the times and conditions neither of us controlled. What started in High School and lasted from September to November of that year made us both grow up and helped me become me. I am sure it also helped you along the way, as you grew up. What I played off as a one kiss incident and you always asked me about happened for a reason. It was rainy if you remember and it was late for you to be going home and you said it yourself, your mother would be mad and punish you and you began to cry. I was a boy who hated to see a girl cry, I hated seeing tears on a girl’s face and knew of the emotions of a girl. I also didn’t know what to do to stop your tears, I wanted to stop them and make you smile again, so I leaned in and kissed you to stop your crying. The kiss was gentle and sweet between the two of us and I am sure that is why you remember it so.

In the end, it worked for you stopped crying and were smiling once more and so was I as we said goodbye until the next time. You skipped up the hill and me down in the opposite direction, we were both happy, it seemed to me. Yet in our whole lifetime, we would not ever end up in each other’s arms again or kiss again. Destiny it seems , made it not to be as we moved on in life and grew up. I know I sat with you when you were in pain from your first husband and your illness too, keeping you company and acting always as a friend. I sat with you in Saint Marys Hospital as you went through tests for your cancer back then, I couldn’t see you going alone. I visited you while you sat home alone when your husband worked and always left before he came home, so as to not cause trouble. Yet I am sure your first husband blamed me for making trouble, you and I both know I never made a move.

So, Betts, here is the answer above as you have read. I don’t know if I will ever mail this letter to you, but at least I wrote it out, as a therapy for myself and to get my thoughts on paper. I am sorry if I never got to tell you the truth and you never got to understand me. As to your siblings, some who hated me for being around back then, I am sorry they misunderstood me and you. As I finish this Betts I pray for your health and hope you will be fine.



God Bless

After finishing the letter Bill’s daughter shared it with her sister and they both marveled at their father’s heart and caring he had shown in writing it. The younger daughter decided she would try to contact someone in Bettidean’s family and hand over the letter to them. The days and years had passed and it was now 50 years later, so the daughter found,  a daughter, to one of Bettidean’s sisters. She called and asked if she could meet her and told them she had something she thought she and her family should have and know of. The daughter agreed and they met one day, in an old diner in the old town were Bettidean and Bill had met. Bill’s youngest daughter now in her fifties and the daughter of Bettidean’s sister sat and had coffee and the letter was handed over. Bettidean’s Niece reads the letter and looked up with tears in her eyes, “ there was really something between  them, but they never crossed the line did they?” Bill’s daughter replied and said, Doesn’t look like it to me, they never crossed the line and never kissed again!” Bettidean’s niece folded the letter and put it in her purse and thanked Bill’s daughter for bringing it to her and said she would pass it on.

Bill’s daughter now understood her father better and why and how he did things. Bettidean’s family, finally understood what went on between the two way back when, and time would now go on forever, in peace and no more anger. Both  Bettidean and Bill were long gone now, and it was nice according to both families that they got the truth. Time, they say heals all wounds and hopefully, this helped both sides.

It would be a few years later, when Bettidean’s niece, showed the letter to her Aunt Maria, who was now in her eighties. Maria read it and cried and understood and she knew she had finally heard the truth.  Peace did finally come to all involved.


America’s biggest problem!

Hello, Folks, I am about to tell you the real problem in America, I know about the Hurricanes and Climate Change and lack of jobs and tight money. Yet the real problem folks is none of the above it is that Americans are lazy, too lazy to educate themselves and to read. The art of reading is now a past time few get into. I read as a child starting with simple comics and grew to love good stories of fiction, non-fiction, and Bios.  Sadly today, books are objects people in today’s generation frown at and walk away from so they know nothing that is happening in the world. This is why and how we ended up with Donald Trump As President number 45.

Books are full of historical facts, mysteries. and romance and entertainment in Sci-fi too. Authors try to tell the stories of important people, events, times or events in books, magazine and more, including newspapers which are dying out also, sad, isn’t it. The loss of the printed word and the American Public to read is a serious problem, how do you think Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Lincoln, Roosevelt, and more would feel about it all? I am sure they would be sorely disappointed in it all. Books transport people to places they have never been in real life, expand knowledge and ideas and entertain all at once and too many Americans are not caught up on the Internet, Gaming Consoles and Television. They sit like zombies in front of television screens doing this stuff and are zoned out from the real world around them.

If people read they would never have, voted for Donald Trump, they would have known of his numerous bankruptcies, his incompetence would have been apparent to all by looking at the College he attended, Wharton has no way of preparing anyone for the Presidency.  In fact, it is nothing more than a business college and running a nation, a country like America is far more than that. The election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of America is a disgrace to all Americans, who believe in advancing the country. Yet, so many Americans voted for what we now have and sadly those who didn’t vote for him are stuck with him also. He is destroying America’s place in the world and dropping us from a first class, top country, down to a third world one.  we are regressing under him and it will only get worse as he continues his term. All I can say is, I pray he will never get reelected.

Sorry got sidetracked on the Trump Issue here. reading is what it has always been called fundamental folks. If you don’t read, you don’t know a damn thing about the world, society, history and your sure as hell not using your imagination in any way. reading teaches books, carry magic folks and if you’re too wrapped up in video games to read you’re  a mindless zombie and will never amount to a damn thing, in my opinion. We suffer from children lazy, corrupt, locked into tv screens and video games, who sit and get fat using nothing but their thumbs and eyes. Sadly, it doesn’t educate them in the real world, and society, life, or history does it? Nope, it doesn’t!

I write and I read and I do so because I believe the written word is a great way to convey messages, thoughts, and ideas to the world, sometimes teaching, sometimes entertaining others. It is also a way to be heard and understood, Communication in American Society sucks period, to be honest. We are too busy arguing and fighting against anything anyone hears or says, that we have become numb to honesty, truth, history, and facts. These are contained in books folks or newspapers, not an X-Box, PlayStation, Nintendo gaming console or game. What happened to letting your kid outside to play, making them go socialize and learn and read? Now a  day you’re all too busy to pay attention to the kids you have right, don’t have the time right? Wrong make the time for your raising mindless, zombies who don’t understand communication and facts and social skills go by the wayside also.

That said and done, I will leave you with my link to my Author’s Page and hope I have helped convey the message needed most in America. read Learn, develop, advance in society, teach, learn, and stop being doormats stuck to a Television Screen playing video games. I find it irritating when people know nothing of what is happening in the world, their own country their own state or town or area. It’s sad, what the permissiveness era has brought to American Society and it needs to be corrected. Just my Opinion folks, yell at me if ya wish.

Here is the Link to my Author’s Page, I am not Dan Brown, Jack London, James Patterson, but at least I try to entertain and inform.