Congress is afraid to react and that is a shame!

Seems to me, money flowed to the Trump campaign from many sources as we are finding out now. The Russians, Qatar now, is caught, where else did Trump get money from and why?

Also, seems to me, not only were there foolish Americans who voted for Trump and against Hillary Rodham Clinton, but the fears they hid of her winning, are going to come to light I am sure soon. Trump lost the popular vote in the 2016 election by millions of votes, yet somehow he got the Electoral Votes to win, how do you figure that one?

Putin and The Russians feared Hillary and so did Qatar to the tune of millions upon millions of money, funny huh!. Trump JR. meets with russians in Trump Tower and then also meets with Qatar’s, why?  Why were these nations willing to pay to keep Hillary from the Presidency and hand it to Trump? I am hoping we will find out soon enough from Mueller’s Investigation, which is breaking down doors left and right, to find the answers one at a time.

So we now have two Trump Tower meetings, Russian and with Qatar. Then we have  Manafort, Gates, Popadoulis, all indicted and two out of three pleading guilty to lying. Then Michael Flynn is caught lying too and must resign. Trump then goes on to fire, Sally Yates, James Comey, attacks his own Attorney General constantly, because he recused himself from the Russia Investigation. 13 Russians are indicted as part of the investigation and yet, no Articles of Impeachment yet, what is wrong here?  Now we have not only Russians in Trump Tower, but also people from Qatar offering up money, in the form of millions of dollars for ads. Come on, when will the revelations cease, I think never at this rate, this is the most corrupt President in the HIstory of America, period.  He lies to the American People and the world daily with a straight face boldy and no one in Congress reacts to it or does a damn thing, I think it’s time someone investigated those who are protecting Trump in the Senate and House of Representatives. THis President has done more Colluding, and Obstruction of Justice and lying than any President in American History, and yet no one moves to Impeach and remove him from office, why?

The House says oh no proof of Collusion and ends their Investigation and than the Senate comes out and says collision happened and so has Obstruction of Justice and lying and money laundering. SO there we have it folks,, it happened and yet people still stand by this President and protect him like he is a gift from God or something. The truth is he is a New York made mobster and con man who has fleeced the American people out of millions upon millions and contractors too. For many years and still today while in office he is accepting money from other nations even as President and getting away with it. Yet no one moves to stop him? Why?

For most of his life Donald trump has ripped off the blue collar workers of America by low balling them and refusing to pay full price for labor and supplies to build his buildings and casinos and golf courses. He paid contractors pennies on the dollar for the works and supplies he got, and he got away with it, because everyone feared the great Donald J. Trump. here’s the funny thing though in all of this, now he is in deeper trouble than anything else in his life, all because he could keep his pants up!

Stormy Daniels, Karen McDougal, and now the contestant from the Apprentice all are suing his ass and have him in court for what he did to them. His treatment of women is atrocious and he is a walking pig on two feet who touches women and treats them with total disrespect and got away with it for a long time. So, here is one for you folks, it took three women to grow balls enough to stand up to Trump and take him to court, and COngress still hasn’t grown any balls as of yet to write one Article of Impeachment, now that’s funny isn’t it?

His personal Attorney and Fixer is indicted and being investigated in New York for money laundering and other crimes. The same man who paid Stormy Daniels 130,000 dollars to shut her up, 16 days before the 2016 election, the same one who arranged 150,000 to Karen McDougal too I will bet. One catch for Michael Cohen here though, while Trump as President can Pardon Federal Crimes he can not Pardon State crimes in New York, so guess what Mr. Cohen you will go to prison for it all. The question at this time is simple, how soon before Cohen realizes it all and figures out it will be saying goodbye to his family and wife and kids, to save Trump’s ass! S to Michael Cohen I say this, you better wake up, because Trump can’t prevent or save you from New York laws and charges, make a deal with New York, talk on Trump, and then make a deal with Mueller to save yourself, or say bye to the wife and kids. Of course it is up to you Mr. Cohen, you can go to prison and see how long you can survive  there, before you become someone’s bitch!

Well now, all of the above said I want to say one more thing, Congress is afraid of Donald J. Trump and his tirades sacre them. Now is you ask them that, they will say we don’t fear he President at all, we dont care if he blows steam and gets mad. It’s true they don’t care, and they won’t react, because they fear Mike Pence more than Trump. Pence is a religious fanatic who if he gets the office knows how to write laws and bills and get them through Congress. So, Pence is a bigger fear to Congress than Trump at this time.

The biggest thing here folks is this, even with all of the above that Trump has done, and more like isolating us from the world, his staunch supporters will stand by him like blind followers screaming and chanting his name as a hero. They fight against facts, and deny everything that has been proven as facts. Here is a little more for you all, as a Veteran myself who is an Honorably Discharged one who has four Honorable discharges between three branches of service and serve 16 years, Trump disgusts me. He is a Draft Dodger, who cried my feet hurt, and got away with not being drafted, due to bone spurs!, Now that is funny, how much money did Trump’s daddy pay the Doctors to give him a letter each time to avoid being drafted, you tell me!

All said and done, Donald J, Trump needs to be Impeached, because he would never resign on his own, he’s stubborn and stupid and doesn’t care what the American People think or Congress for that matter. Each night he sleeps in one room, one bed in the White House in one wing as his wife sleeps in another and he laughs at Congress and the American People, and he gets away with it, because Congress, both sides, Senate and House, don’t have anyone with any balls, backbone or power to stand up and say enough is enough lets Impeach his ass and move on, they are chickens! Sadly, America’s status in the world is suffering for it in all ways. Congress is afraid to react and that is a shame!

One Last thing I want to say to all Americans out there, don’t you think, you should have the President you choose by your votes in office, not the one Russia wanted?






Vote out the lazy Representatives and Senators

It seems to me, there is a problem with Congress, that has been a fact, long before Donald J. Trump became President, they are lazy! They sit on Capital Hill and collect huge pay checks and benefits and do nothing for the American People who Elected them! It’s sad really, they are so slow to react to anything, that they have allowed Trump to destroy America’s status in the world, from World Leader to an also ran, which is falling quickly to a third world nation. He isolated us from the world as one of his first missions, pulled us from The Paris Environmental Accord first. Next is NAFTA and Trade Agreements, he is isolating us from. He has placed Tariffs on imports, angering China and Canada, Europe, and others.  All while lying to the America People left and right, about affairs he has had with one a porno star, two Karen Mcdougal, ho whe paid both to keep quiet before the Presidential Election of 2016, so he could win.

Meetings with the Russians in Trump Tower by his own son and Manafort, Kushner , in 2016. Why? What For? Now we know, he wanted dirt on Hillary Rodham CLinton to beat her right? Well, he got none but exposed his own lack of confidence and insecurities doing do! Meetings with other nations to get money, Qatar, contributions from Russians for Ads, suddenly being paid for, placed and run in the Blue Belt States. How did the Russians even know where the Blue Belt States were, simple Trump and his people directed them there!

It’s a sad world today because of Trump’s election to the Presidency. America is falling by the wayside, economically, politically in status and other nations laughed at his inability to be diplomatic and deal with others, his crudeness and rudeness abound daily. Yet Congress allows him to continue in office, this is a lazy, sad assed Congress for sure. When something happens he doesn’t like, Trump stands up and cries like a baby saying he is being attacked and they put spies in his campaign staff right, bullshit! He condemns his own FBI, CIA, and Department of Justice, all now led by people he picked and appointed, because they find his crimes, and point them out and charge his people with what they did. Congress still does react, sad!

How much further will Congress allow him to go, someone please tell me! He is the biggest con man and crook and illegal President in American History and people still defend him and Congress doesn’t act to Impeach him, why? Need I remind all of America, prior Presidents were Impeached and had Articles of Impeachment written on them for far less offenses. Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon and WIlliam Clinton were all Impeached far far less, and Congress reacted to save our democracy, and Republic then, shouldn’t they do do now?

A little more to talk about here, I will show you the stupidity of Trump, He believes he can sit down in a Summit with Kim Jung Un of North Korea and convince him to give up nuclear weapons he already has? You have to be joking me right, Kim Jung Un may be a Dictator, but even he is not stupid enough to give up his nukes, anymore than Trump will stop the War Exercises with South Korea, that we have been holding for what seems forever now. It won’t happen folks, nor will Trump win the Noble Peace Prize, he is too stupid to.

He has done nothing spectacular, or different or great for America, and he never will. He lines his own pockets in anyway he can. Congress should react, the best way to stop Trump and cripple him is simple, get his son, and his daughter for crimes against America. Donald Trump JR. led the meeting in Trump Tower with the Russians, collusion happened. He called his father about it too it’s in the phone records he says he can’t remember who he called that’s crap. Arrest and charge DOnald Trump Jr. for lying to Congress and colluding with Russia.

Get Jared Kushner out of the White House fast Congress. He has no right to be acting as an Ambassador to Israel, or any other country, he has no security clearance at all and can’t get one. Yet he sits in the White House each day, living off of America, and has no Security Clearance but has access to classified Information any way? You take Jared Kushner out you take Ivanka with him, there goes Ivanka and Trump is an island alone. That’s how you get Trump, other wise you are wasting time and playing silly games and in the meantime this President who believes he is above the law keeps churning away and tearing down the Republic and the Democracy Americans have built and established.

One thing Donald J. Trump has been all his life is a con man. He has con millions of people out of their money, especially the contractors he has used to build his empire. he bought supplies and used contractors for labor and paid them pennies on the dollar and got away with it all! Sad and this is what we have for a President? When will Congress React?

If in the future he is not Impeached or forced to Resign, then Congress has failed to do their job also and should be turned over. Vote them out of office and force them to react. Call your Representatives, your Senators, tell them to react and write Articles of Impeachment against Donald J. Trump, for Crimes and Misdemeanors Against America, for Colluding with an Enemy Power, and for Obstruction of Justice, he is Guilty on all counts folks, this is the most guilty, corrupt President in America’s 247 year old History! Charge Trump, charge Trump Jr., Remove Kushner and lets correct the problem in Washington, DC, Vote out the lazy Representatives and Senators who won’t write Articles of Impeachment on Trump, make them react now to save America.




Act Now, Impeach!

Let’s have a little discussion on why The Republican House and Senate, won’t act or write an Article Of Impeachment on Donald J. Trump. The way I see it is the crimes are there from Collusion to Obstruction of Justice , yet they don’t move to write the Articles, why?

Each Republican in office currently, kowtows to Trump and is afraid of him and afraid to Impeach him, why? The way I see it is simple, they fear Mike Pence taking over as President more than they fear Donald J. Trump’s stupidity and illegal acts.

Americans must know by now, all you have to do is follow the money trails and the Special Prosecutor, Mr. Mueller is doing that now and it all flowed through Michael Cohen’s Office and hands. Millions upon millions flowed through those channels, and the Russians spent million upon millions in the Blue Belt of America in the 2016 election to get Trump in Office, so how did they know, where to spend all those millions on ads, simple Trump’s people told them, collusion proven.

Obstruction of Justice is even simpler to prove, start with Trump asking Comey to give Flynn a break and not pursue him. Then go to the Comey firing, the Yates firing, Flynn Resigning and cooperating with the Special Prosecutor, 13 Russians indicted, Manafort indicted, Gates Indicted, the trail leads right to Trump’s front door. The Trump Tower meeting in July 2016, the Russian Lawyer and other russians  attending it. Do you rally believe Trump knew nothing about that meeting in his own towers, with his own son and son-in law attending it? I don’t and won’t ever believe Trump didn’t know of it, he had to ok it or his sin and son in law wouldn’t have been there or set it up. No one in Trump world does anything without Trump knowing it, period. Sadly, for some reason Congress does not react to all of the above, why?

Then on top of it all we have the lurid tales of adultery and sex following Trump, from the 16 accusers  of sexual harassment, to the Stormy Daniels Affair and karen McDougal Affair too. We have 130,000 grand paid to Stormy and 150,000 grand to McDougal, all put in motion and handled and aid by way of Michael Cohen, Trump’s Attorney and Fixer. When will this all come to a head and how close is the Special Prosecutor to closing his case, compiling his files, and folders and handing them to Congress, for action? I am hoping as we head into year two of the Investigation that Mueller is close to finishing it, for the good of the country. America needs to be freed from Donald J. Trump’s stupidity and selfishness and crude behaviors and manners too.

I ask why Congress, especially the Republican run and controlled Senate and House has no balls to write Articles of Impeachment on Trump? Why are they protecting him and not taking him down?

Andrew Johnson was Impeached for less, Richard Nixon was Impeached for some of the same shit and William Jefferson CLinton was Impeached for lying to the American People, Trump has out done all of them in criminal acts in office and has accepted money from other nations as President. Isn’t it time, your Senators and Representatives got off their asses and started doing what you pay them to do, protect the American People and America as they swore to do when they raised their right hands! Get off you lazy asses, and do you jobs Senators and Representatives, we have never had a bigger problem, or traitor to America in the Oval Office in American History than Donald J, Trump, he is bought by and works for Putin and the Russians

The last American Traitor ran out of America was Benedict Arnold, I am telling you DOnald J. Trump is America’s second Benedict Arnold and needs to e rode out of the country on a rail and tar and feathered. The Second Benedict Arnold is Donald J. Trump!





Happy Mother’s Day and Fight Cancer!

Sunday May 13th, 2018 the World is celebrating Mother’s Day which is a special day for all women in the world and should be for all period. Women bravely give birth every second of everyday, bring new life into the world and perpetuating mankind in all ways.  Without women, mankind would not exist and to all who are Mothers out there in the world I say Happy Mother’s Day.

Like myself who is now older than many, I am now 62, my mother passed away long ago now in 1991 at age 59. Cancer took her, as it took me Father and Step-father before her and her father in 1971. Cancer seems to be passed down from one generation to the next n my family, never it seems missing a generation so far as I know. We fought it with my Father, we Fought it with my Step father, we fought it with my mother,  the first girl I kissed fought it till she hit 60 years old, from the age of 18. My first wife fought breast cancer and beat it, my second wife has it now stage four and into her bones and tissues and blood stream and keeps fighting it. I fought it as lung cancer myself in 2013 and I was lucky they found it, at stage one and took a lobe and one third of my right lung and I survive still today five years later. But I always am grateful for the time I have with those I love and have loved and always will be. Cancer doesn’t care folks, if you white, black, yellow, brown or any other color it just attacks all of us. We fight the best we can and Organizations and Doctors and Scientist all fight it and look for ways to stop it’s progress yet no one has yet. Give more folks, Fight Cancer, the lives you save could be yours, your families or you loved ones, Give and Help Kill Cancer Please!

That done said, onward I go, I am writing a story, a new one and I am over 10,000 words and growing folks. I write when I can and yes I try to sell them if I can on Amazon:

My Author’s Page; is Here!

What I am told is the Best one I did is here:

Now there are others I did if you look some poems, and some mysteries too.

I price them at .99 cents a copy and 1.00 too. I will never get rich unless they suddenly sell like hotcakes, and I know they won’t, because few like shorts.

BUt Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms in the World and May your Day be filled with love and family!


Someone Explain Please!

Whats real, whats not, who is telling the truth who isn’t? The only way the American people will get the truth about DOnald J. Trump and  his getting the Presidency will be to  let the Special Prosecutor Mueller complete his Investigation into Russia Involvement in the Election itself and who paid for it all and why will come out.

I have been listening to all the news on television and in the papers and on radios each day since January 2016, ad it makes me sick. I get sick with the damage and isolation Trump is doing to the country and the world and the ill and poor. He killed Obama Care in his own way, taking health care from millions who need it most. He Isolated us from the world, by pulling us from the Paris Environmental Accord, Removed us from NAFTA, killed the IRAN Nuclear Agreement and put Israel at risk for attack from Arab Nations such as Iran and Iraq.  And yet Congress does nothing to stop this man from destroying America’s status and position in the world and we slowly slip lower in the world, falling toward a third world nation status.

Russian collusion is proven just by the money trail folks, Obstruction of Justice is proven by the firings of Sally Yates and Director James Comey. That’s enough for me alone, then add the indictments of 13 Russians for interfering in the election, not one sex scandal but two, payouts for women in amounts totaling 280, 000 between them and yet congress doesn’t write impeachment articles on this man, why? Tell me why Speaker Ryan, and Senator McConnell haven’t moved to Impeach  Trump please!

Andrew Johnson did far less and was Impeached, Richard Nixon tried to control his reelection and did break-ins, less than what Trump has done , Forced to Resign or face Impeachment. So off he went in disgrace. William Jefferson CLinton Impeached for lying to the American People about having Sex in the Oval Office with Monica Lewinsky, and now we have Trump. He has interfered in Justice Department actions and buisness now by stopping the Time Warner, AT&T deal, and no one stops him and writes an Article of Impeachment, why?

Now his so called fixer Michael Cohen is laundering money, and selling access to Trump to anyone he can. And Trump didn’t know it right, bullshit! Millions flowed into Cohen’s accounts on the basis he could give access to DOnald Trump to change things for these companies and people. Yet Congress sits there doing not a Goddamn thing? Why? Please explain it to me folks!




Help Kill Cancer Before It Kills You and Those You Love!

Cancer is a deadly killer and Doctors and researchers world wide look for solutions and cures for it daily, twenty four hours a day. Billions upon billions, is spent in research looking for the solutions, and some progress is being made. Some cancers can be fought, held off and a few even cured, but how many can’t, is what the problem is.

I make these points for one reason and one reason only I have seen too many people die from cancers of different kinds like pancreatic, liver and breast cancers and one from ovarian cancer. I can list the people I have lost to cancer, as follows: 1973, my first girlfriend came down with ovarian cancer, she was the first girl I ever kissed, she would die at 60 years old from it and fought it all her life.

Before her was my Grandfather on my mother’s side, he went from prostate cancer, 1971, as I said first girlfriend 73, my Father 1982 Lung Cancer, My Step-father- 1990 Lung Cancer, My Mother 1991 Lung Cancer and I received a break from it in the mid 1980s through the 1990’s and into the 2000s.

Then it came again beginning in 2006, it hit my second wife, breast cancer, I sat through her radiation and chemo treatments watched her puke and vomit and recover and it go into recession.  I thought I had finally seen the end of cancer in my life,  until my phone rang in August of 2013, and I wa shit with it myself, I had Lung Cancer. It was only stage one, ad I was very lucky they caught it at a Veterans Hospital during a  survey they did. They removed a lobe and one third of my right lung and since no recurrence for me so far. But cancer doesn’t surrender it doesn’t get beat easily, it came back to hit my second wife again in 2016, this time as breast cancer, then moving to her bones and now her arm tissues and is all stage 4. They radiate her arm because it is the size of two 48 ounce baseball bats, trying to take it down so she can live and stop her pain. It’s throughout her body now in her spine, ribs, shoulder and arms and flowing through her bloodstream. How long she will last is a question I ask myself each day. I get up each day hoping she wakes up and is still with me, and live one day at a time trying to deal with the facts. I cook and clean and then help her dress and feed her, and watch her sleep[ endless hours after radiation treatments.

The radiation treatment sessions are done now on her arm and it did not do what the doctors promised or said it would, the arm is still huge. Her back and spine hurts her if she sits up too long or stands too long, it’s in her spine.  Each day is a mystery and a waiting game, and the thoughts go through my mind, will she wake up each time she passes out, will she wake up the next morning, how long will it be before the cancer that rages in her bloodstream kills her and leaves me alone, by myself?

We made some arrangements in case of course we set up a Living Trust between us and for us both. I have made a list of things to do in the event of the inevitable of course. Who to contact and inform, how she wants buried and where, plots are bought, but still more needs done. I need to find the paperwork she has hidden from the Cemetary plots, we bought. What grave stone, what kind of cremation company and box to put her in? So many thoughts in my mind as I race to try to deal with it all daily. Doctors to take her to, Cancer centers, radiologist, Oncologist, pain meds. prescriptions, how to get her comfortable to sleep. All play into taking care of her at home.

Feeding her when she is hungry on demand, trying to get her to eat and take her meds, getting her a shower, helping her brush her teeth, changing her underwear and clothing and dressing her. All a part of taking care of her each day. I know, I know some will think it is me crying and think I am complaining I am not I do it voluntarily and I don’t walk away and never will or would, I love her. It’s just trying to deal with it all and prepare for what will happen, when it happens.

Preparations have been made and a list prepared to follow for myself when she does go. She goes the primary will be to put her where she wants to be for eternity, and i will do so. Once she is gone what then I ask?

Well I have to prepare to live the rest of my life without her, so the house will have to be cleaned out, the things never used sold, the house cleaned and sold out right and I will need an apartment of my own a small one. What will I live on my military disability payments and social security is it. I will sell the house for whatever amount I can get for it within reason, I can’t afford to keep it going on my own nor do I need it, too big. I will go to a disability housing apartment, and bring what furniture I can transfer all utilities and live in peace the best I can.

I know I will never get married again, nor will I love another like I do her.I need to be a realist to survive when she does go on me. So I know no other way to deal with death to those I love than to be realistic and survive and hold on for as long as I can. I have watched them die one by one, over the years now family and friends I am 62 going on 63, I have to be practical, logical and use common sense. Dealing Cancer is not easy for anyone in their lives, including me, but when will cancer stop chasing me and those in my life, when will it end and where? How does one keep going and fighting for so long against a deadly disease that kills all around them, and has already attacked me personally and i survived it now for the last 5 years? So what can I do next, I can just tell all of it it, ask all to fight it too, give to : The FIGHT AGAINST CANCER, Donate to The National Cancer Foundation, and any organization you can think of that fights Cancer, Help Kill Cancer Before It Kills You and Those You Love!