I Suggest you start Fighting Back now !

Ok, I have debated and discussed and argued over Trump’s Presidency now since the day he won the Republican Primary till today. The bottom line is this, he is the worst president in American History period. Here is a man paid for by a the Russians to win the American Presidency, and hande dit who has no empathy, feelings, or knowledge of what he is doing doing period. He isolates America from the world by pulling us out of agreements on the environment and economic issues. he puts tariffs on steel and aluminium against our allies and he has killed health care for Americans by pulling al support for Obama Care out from under the American People. It’s a sad statement on American Politics and the American People that such a man was elected President of the United States at this point and date in history. I remind you of a few promises of his when he ran, building a wall between America and Mexico, why because he believes it is the only way to handle the drug trafficking,  the truth is it won’t stop it and the mexicans will go around, under and over it in anyway possible. It’s a waste of billions of American dollars to build it.

I will bring American jobs back from overseas where they went, wrong again folks, he isn’t bringing them back at all. The steel and coal industries are done , especially the coal industry, we don’t need it and no one uses coal for a damn thing. What are we going to do, power our factories by coal again, I think not unless we want to pollute the atmosphere again and destroy the breathable air we have left. Not worth it folks. Steel we can manufacture it’s true, but what use do we have except to sell it in other countries where they wil tariff and tax it anyway, because he is doing it to them also.

This is a President, who is bought and paid for by the Russian Government and Puttin period, sadly, the American People didn’t understand it until he got the job. Proof as they say is in the pudding folks, let talk what the hell were those in the meeting in Trump Tower doing with the russians in the first place? What would be their reasoning for taking such a meeting, except to get dirt on Hillary Clinton and prevent her election so Trump could get the office? Tell me folks that Trump didn’t know about the meeting and I will tell you, your full of shit, there is nothing that takes place in the trump Organization, Tower or  family he doesn’t know about or approve, be realistic ok?

Next, Richard Nixon was Impeached and removed from office for the Watergate Break in by a bunch of hired thugs and poof he had to go. Bill Clinton impeached over Whitewater and Monica Lewinsky, now this president colluded with Russia is bought and paid for by the russians to get the office, won’t say or do anything against russia in any way and he remains in office? trump holds meetings with russians prior to being elected President and no one thinks one thing about it? COme on, he obstructs Justice every day by trying to prevent Mueller’s Investigation from going forward and fires people left and right? And no one reacts in Congress why is it? Explain it to me folks please?

Trump is firing civilians from his Cabinet left and right and replacing them with Generals, why, because he knows they are military and wil never say no to him, otherwise they lose their commissions and pensions they worked to get over 30 years. They have to say yes to him, he is their Commander in Chief isn’t he now? A Leader surrounded by Generals and spies, sound familiar doesn’t it, it’s the Russian Government in America now!. Sad, we are Americans and yet we allow this man to do as he pleases firing or forcing to resign at least 30 people so far in 14 months in office. He has admitted openly he is building his own cabinet his own way and getting the people he wants. Should the House and Senate allow this all to happen and just mossy along on a daily basis doing nothing? I think not!

I was born in 1956, Dwight D. Eisenhower was President of the United States of America, he was followed by John F. Kennedy and through the last 62 years of my life never have I seen an American President so idiotic, foolish, selfish and non-empathic in my life. he reforms the taxes so it benefits his rich cronies, kills healthcare for all by destroying ObamaCare, isolates us from the world by withdrawing us from Nafta, and the Paris Accords on Environment, hires Secretaries who spend millions of American Government dollars on flights all over the world a for themselves and their spouses and even one who wanted to spend 31 grand on a dining room set for an office, come on! His son-in-law, can’t get a security clearance and remains in place in the White House, doing affairs of the state for the country, and he is not qualified for any of what he is doing in anyway! He uses his daughter to talk to South Korea come on folks what’s wrong with this  picture? Wake Up!

The 2018 mid-terms are coming fast enough, and if Americans don’t vote democrat in  november they will be destroying themselves and their own country by allowing this man and his Republican followers to destroy what the forefathers of America really built, a Republic made in a  Democracy state.  DOn’t let it happen folks, unless you admire Putin, Russia and their way of life I suggest you start fighting back now, for a communist form of government is not far from where Trump is taking us. Don’t let it happen folks! Vote Democrat in November 2018 and every election that comes up, stop it now, before it’s too late!




Elect Democrats now!

As we go through the middle of March 2018 it is apparent the Trump Administration is running on eggshells, as far as personnel goes. Many Cabinet Members are on the block can be fired with a tweet on Twitter  or in person. Sadly, so many of them give up their own jobs, and lives to serve their country and mainly Trump’s Administration, and they all seem to be failing in Trump’s view, sad.

What is next is the question, McMaster, Carson, Devos, even John Kelly all in positions of losing their jobs on a whim or feeling by Trump.  Then Trump says, he can find people to fill these jobs or openings in his cabinet and would have the pick of the top ten people for each position, I think not. Would you want to work for a man so temperamental and moody that at any time for job would be at stake? I know I wouldn’t thats for sure. These men and women have children and spouses and families to support and care for and on a whim, a mood, or a feeling or even an itch they can be without a job and worried about where there paychecks will come from, no thank you Mr. Trump keep your job. In my opinion if he called me up and said fill a post for me, I would rather say no thank you and save myself and my family the embarrassment of working for the worst president in American history. Your a sad excuse as a husband, a father and a boss or businessman and definitely as a President, Sir.

In the end we are living with a President the world doesn’t trust or respect. We are being withdrawn from world affairs and agreements, we are placing tariffs on countries we have no reason to, we lose cabinet Members weekly, and he still wants to build a wall, stupid. Mexico will never pay for that wall if he builds it, his cabinet secretaries are spending money like water and the Special Prosecutor and the Russia Investigation carries on still today. Thirteen Russians Indicted, Manafort, Gates, Popodoupolis ,Flynn and others plead guilty to lying and crimes. All associated with Trump’s  run for the Presidency and people go oh there is no proof, sorry but there is, right in this sentence. Sadly, the American people are either too lost and confused, not listening or being idiotic in many ways and need education.  It’s sad as hell, and Russia did interfere in the 2016 Election no doubts about. Sadly, it will take proof to get it out to the American Public in a correct way, or it won’t be believed. Sadly we have too many Jack Kingston’s, Ben Ferguson’s, who are die hard Trump supporters who will defend him even if you slap them in the face with the evidence which so many newscasters have done so far. It’s becoming crazy for the American people, to stand out here and listen to the crap that the Trump Administration is putting is out.

We have to deal with a Porn Star Actress Affair with our President also and his denying what all already believe and know. Sadly, Melania Trump has to put up with him as her husband and his infidelities are many and growing in number daily. Yet, Americans who are in our Electoral College voted this man President, sad! Chief of Staff Kelly must work under immense pressure each day wondering if he will have a job or not? he has to stop and go am I ok boss?

He has fired all the civilians around him who disagree with him, and he is replacing them with Generals where he can. He is putting in ex-CIA employees also  in his cabinet does it sound familiar folks I think it should, the american Government is beginning to look like Putin’s Russia Government, get the idea here. The danger in this is simple once the Cabinet parallels the Russian Government a coup of America can take place. Trump is paid for and bought by Ptin and his russian comrades, the money that won the election isn’t america it is russian. America is under attack not only outside of it’s borders but now, within its borders and government. Sadly, Americans are not listening  and he will continue on his way unless American stop him now. Richard Nixon was Impeached for Watergate and the break ins. CLinton for the affair with Lewinsky, and this President has combined collusion, obstruction or justice and infidelities a in his first 14 months and no articles of impeachment are drawn up why?  The Republicans I remind you control the House and Senate in America and they are protecting this man and denying he is doing anything, the facts say otherwise. Go to the Polls in November 2018, vote Democrat and remove the Republican protectors of a corrupt, con man President who is Republican now.  Elect Democrats now!




America and Congress Be Aware!

Donald J. Trump is bought and paid for by the Russians and Putin and his people. First what President have you ever seen not willing  to place sanctions on Russia for what it did to the world or to America as a country? None! Why does he ignore Russia’s actions and do nothing to stop Putin? No one has that answer and at no time will he discuss it either if no one notices. I have notice for sure.

He fires people left and right, he has no empathy for the people who are poor or middle class, as can be seen by his killing Obama Care, the Daca people and his isolating America from the world!. You tell me why?

The biggest problem though is what is going on now in Washington, DC and the White House, civilians are disappearing from the Trump Administration to be replaced by military generals and Intelligence people, why? What’s the purpose of firing all civilians in his administration, and replacing them with Generals in all positions including now Secretary of State, where he wants Pompano. Why? What did Rex Tillerson do wrong, he called Trump an idiot is what he did and because he did Trump waited long enough for people to forget about it, and then lowers the hammer on the man in a disrespectful manner and way, instead of doing it in a more polite manner with respect to a man who gave up part of his life to serve his country.

Congress had better wake up soon, for what we are seeing is a coup of democracy in action here. Yes he is the President and yes  I know a coup would be to replace him too, but he won’t go. He got the Presidency with Putin and Russia’s backing and now he is setting up his cabinet with Generals like Putin has in Russia, stop and think about it. The Generals as he has said are his men now, his people and serve him, he never says they serve their country, it’s him they serve, Listen to his words, his rhetoric and tell me you don’t hear a megalomaniac, trying to control everything around him and change our country to his image, go ahead tell me I am wrong. He is a megalomaniac, egotistical narcissist man, wrecking everything Obama put in place, as well as Bush’s and Clinton’s too. Why?

His Education Secretary is a fool and uneducated and inexperienced and wrecking the school system, in all ways she can and she can’t even answer simple questions on the American Education system, sad really. We are now closing in on almost 30 individuals being fired, resigning or leaving the Trump Administration in 14 months, how the hell do you explain that one? Tell me folks!

Here is my advice to Congress, both side the Senate and House, you better wake up and realize what is going on, we have no people in the State Department able to talk to many countries, the numbers are being reduced big time. The Administration is becoming a military one filled with Generals, then he is building a wall across America’s southern border . He is prejudiced against Hispanics and African American and women in general, He treats women like idiots and sexual objects to be used and abused and he is still President, come on what the hell is this?

Clinton had Monica Lewinsky, and he was impeached for it. Nixon sent a team of men into offices in the Watergate Tower and  did cover-ups and lied and he was impeached. Now we have Trump and the porn star, Trump isolating America from the world, him building a wall against Mexico and people go hehehehehe and hahahahaha! What is wrong with this picture folks? The saddest part of all of the above is Congress is currently a majority of Republicans, the President’s Party and they protect him. Thirteen Russians are Indicted by the special prosecutor, Manafort, Gates,Papadopoulos, and more all pleading guilty in the Russians probe.  Yet a Congressional Committee ruled by Republicans say no collusion with Russia occurred, sad indeed. We all know it did, yet they deny it why?He is firing, forcing to resign cabinet members like he has an endless supply of them to replace them, when in fact very few have the experience, education or abilities to fill the positions. He doesn’t folks, believe me and I ask this question to all who read my blog, would you want to work in a White House, where the Boss fires almost 30 people in 14 months time? I wouldn’t and being fired from such a highly public position would make your resume look very bad in the civilian world.







The Making of a Rapist and His Fall!

What makes a rapist and why do they rape? Lets look at a case of one I call Mack Brunson and his life !Lets see childhood, family and society add to it all! It’s a story that is not based on reality, but, is written for entertainment and suspense ! Each day you raise your children, not thinking of how much you influence their lives, maybe this will make you think twice about your decisions!



To Those who Voted Trump in 2016

I know those who voted Trump in 2016 believe they won, in fact they lost and don’t even realize it. he has alienated Americans, and immigrants, and friends of America who are allies. He has destroyed Obama care and medical care for seniors and disables, he has withdrawn us from the world stage and pulled us out of partnerships and agreements that were made to save the planet as a whole.

Now he is placing Tariffs and targeting destroying America’s economy and the world’s too. Trade wars are highly advised against by all economic  people who understand the world and America, so why do it? I will tell you why he is going where he is going, because if Russia wanted to destroy America in the world order and climate and economy, they would do it exactly as he is, he is doing Putin’s bidding, because Putin paid for his Presidency, period. I hope and pray Mueller as the Special Prosecutor is digging deep into his finances, and following the money trails. I also hope Mueller can send all the information, evidence and tell tale signs to Congress, who should be already preparing Articles of Impeachment for Obstruction of Justice and Collusion with Russia and mOney Laundering. If they aren’t then The republican side which is the majority in both houses should be removed in October 2018’s elections. If they aren’t then we have so many uneducated Americans in our country they we are due to be taken over by someone in the near future. Democracy, will die in the world and so will the American people and their form of government, for and by the people!

I have heard how Trump supporters all believe we are all democrats who are attacking Trump just because he is a Republican Conservative so to say, that crap. The Bottom line is his election to office was paid for and bought by Putin and  the Russians, and he is avoiding taking any action against the Russians in sanctions, or any other manner. He avoids saying anything against Russia period, now why would a President do that, knowing Russia is our greatest opponent in economic position, military might also. Sad Isn’t it?

As member so his team are indicted and charged and plead guilty and his White House and Administration loses people hand over hand, doesn’t it make you think, We screwed up! It should, but if your as ignorant as you President you supported and elected you will never know will you?






When will Congress React?

This Trump Presidency is very sad, over 25 people have resigned, or been fired and there are numerous holes in his administration now. The Russia investigation gets deeper and deeper and closer to the Oval office and Trump himself. In the Meantime he is using Jared Kushner to talk to the Mexican President on some mission? Mr. Kushner doesn’t have a top secret security clearance anymore and he of Ivanka his wife n longer belong in the WHite House or Administration.

The President is sued by a porn star over his lawyer threatening her, over talking about an affair he had with her. What does Mrs. Trump have to say about her husband having sex with all these women over the time he is married to her, isn’t it embarrassing for her? I am surprised she hasn’t moved back to Trump Tower and filed for divorce by now and taken their son with her. How much more can the First Lady take?

In the meantime, The Special Prosecutor, filed indictments against 13 russians in America for actions against the american voting system. Trumps associates  Manafort, Gates, Flynn, Popodoulpolis, and more plead guilty to lying and other charges. Manafort says he will fight but all the others see the inevitable position they are in, and pled. Next they are following the money trails belonging to Manafort, Gates, Flynn, and more and they all lead to russia. Please note at this time Jared Kushner received over a half a million dollars while in the White House in Meetings, what the hell is going on and why is no one stopping it all?. Congress, The Senate and House and the Speaker of the House and Majority Leader of the Senate do nothing to stop this ongoing fiasco why? Some One tell us why, this man Trump is not having Articles of Impeachment drawn up on him but COngress? How much further must we allow this man to isolate us from the world? He is starting a trade war with tariffs he doesn’t need or the world or his own party and our country don’t want enforced or put into effect. It’s sad that COngress is not acting now, what will it take for them to make a move to remove Trump from Office? You Tell me Americans, Please and soon before he ignites a Nuke War with North Korea, makes enemies out of both Mexico and Canada too. please tell me when you will react Congress!



It’s Time to make changes Americans!

The Congress, both houses, Senate and The House, are lazy, and non working these days. They want to avoid taking any action on anything that is wrong period. The republicans have control by the numbers, but it will change in 2018, and when the democratic blue tide rolls back in, it will be a different world in many ways. It’s coming as Trump’s popularity slides to basement numbers and the Russia probe gets closer to him each day, he will keep yelling no collusion, no obstruction of justice, but he will keep breaking the law and doing as he wishes, and Congress sits and watches and laughs and smiles at it all. It’s a sad, sad state this country is in now as it slowly slides downward toward a third world position under the leadership of a President who has no common sense, no real empathy for anyone not in his income bracket, and has already isolated America from the world by pulling us out of ever agreement and leadership position he can. Trade agreements fall, tariffs go up, incomes go down or level off, medical expenses are crazy and no one has insurance they can afford to keep. Does Trump care no.

America is being isolated, and falling apart at the seems as he sits in office and does nothing for anyone but himself and Russia. He is a hopeless and hapless case of destruction and befuddlement and bewilderment too. Children are shot in our schools and all he wants to do is let the NRA have their way, which amounts to no changes in the gun laws. Banning bump stocks alone won’t solve America’s gun problems that’s for sure. We need all military type weapons period removed from the streets, gun shows and availability to the public immediately, not ten years from now! The loop holes must be plugged before more children and educators die at the hands of others using these weapons. Americans must get off their asses and out of their make believe worlds they live in and face facts and the numbers are not pretty.

You want to do something in America, do the following if you have the guts:

  1. Ban all weapons that are rifles of any military type, Automatic or Semi Automatic. Close the Gun Show LoopHole and stop the sales of these weapons.
  2. Establish Mental Health Care for all in America, and track and prevent sales of weapons to those who have a mental health problem.
  3. Background checks must be more thorough  and complete to include mental health issues in those who want guns of any sort.
  4. Next move America back into the front of the world by reentering the agreements we left under Trump already, His Policies are isolating us from the world and killing us as a nation.
  5. Stop his plan to establish tariffs, he is again targeting the wrong people in the world and his issues and ideas are far out of date. This is not the 1940’s.
  6. Force trump to break up his family in the White House and send them home. Nepotism is not allowed in the White House we all know it but it is here and happening.
  7. The Security Clearance scandal has gone far enough. You don’t have the clearance needed to do the job, send them home and this includes Kushner and Ivanka.
  8. Trump’s Administration has already had 24 senior members resign, quit or been fired, who the hell would want to work for it or him, not me.
  9. We have no foreign affairs or diplomacy really, no one represents us in Korea, Asia, or other important place sin the world why?
  10. Trump’s calls for a wall between, mexico and America are as crazy as they can get, why are we paying for a wall that no one wants but him? Billions on a wall that won’t really work anyway, if mexicans want in they will go over, around, under or through it, face the facts.
  11. Americans need to wake up and when you go to vote in any election stop thinking of the me mentality and think of the we mentality that made America great in the first place.
  12. The founders of this country would have run Trump out of Washington on a rail by now and tar and feathered his ass for all he has done and failed to do. Why, is he still there?