Impeach Trump, Congress wake up!!!!

Articles of Impeachment should be written for the following:

1) Obstruction of Justice

2) Collusion with Russia

3) Laudrying of Money

4)  Incompetence

5) Breaking of Promises and Lying to The American People

If for nothing else he should face charges for the 16 or more women he sexually         harassed and abused. Plus he should be held responsible for the Stormy Daniels Affair, the Karen McDougal Affair, the payoffs for both and the doorman at his home.   He has isolated America, worked in cahoots with Russia to get the American Presidency, bought and paid for by Putin. If you don’t believe he  colluded with Russia, ask yourself one question, How did the russians who paid for the ads that hit the Democratic Blue Belt in the 2016 Presidential Election even know where, to spend the money and pace the ads, if it was not the Trump Campaign  that told them where to place the ads. Answer that one and you have collusion for sure, just trace the cash.

The following Individuals will face jail time already for Trump, and for him getting to the White House or criminal records. Paul Manafort, Pappadopoulis, Gates,Cohen ,Flynn, and others. Roger Stone, is next in line as will be Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and I am sure if they can reach they will get Ivanka Trump too. He has ruined all these lives and 13 Russians are under indictments already from the Mueller Investigation. How many more will go down the tubes so Donald Trump can have his way, and destroy the country, and feed his selfish ego?

Americans should now contact their Congressmen and women or Senators and demand Impeachment Articles should be drawn up immediately. Call them, E-mail them, contact them online and in social platforms make them hear your voices, if you don’t Americans, our democracy and republic of a country will be slowly shifted to a communist country, Trump is taking us there slowly, attacking the media, supporting guns and not acting on them, showing no empathy for victims of war or gun violence, building a wall we don’t need between us and Mexico, using American troops to guard a border depleting states funds doing so. Pulling out of the Paris Accords, NAFTA isolating us economically and politically, why?  Angering Canada, China with tariffs, and others, making them worry what is coming next and in the end not saying or doing anything to Russia for their constant meddling in our election process or other countries also. Nothing telling them to get out of Syria period and stop supporting Assad. Don’t’ you think it’s time Americans?


The Trump Fiasco !!

The fiasco that is Trump is growing and getting wildly out of control and Congress still is not reacting, or drawing up Impeachment Charges why? What does Congress fear so much that they are letting a sitting President get away with so many things?

First he is bought and owned by Putin and the russians, they paid to get him elected, if you don’t believe what I am saying here, just ask yourself the following question,  How did the Russians know where to target the ads they ran in the Blue Belt, how did they know what districts and towns and counties to hit with those ads that got Trump those states? Answer that one folks!

Second he has isolated America from the world in many ways, Paris Environmental Accord gone,  isolating us from NAFTA, and building a wall on America’s southern border suddenly, after an open border has existed there for the whole 247 years of America’s existence, please explain why? This country is a country of immigrants so why stop the flow now when it was such flow that made us so strong in the first place?

Why do we have to put up with a President with so many sexual scandals we can’t get them off of our television screens daily? Stormy Daniels, Karen McDougal, and others, getting paid to stay quiet, why? Tell me folks, why is America allowing this to happen and why is Congress not reacting?

Collusion with Russia alone is a treasonable crime under the Constitution folks, but now add in Obstruction of Justice, his confrontations with Former FBI Director Comey, his so called Attorney caught up in illegal acts and getting ready to be charged or indicted in New York and we have an avalanche of bullshit he should be impeached for. So what is Congress afraid of, you tell me?

Here is my opinion of Trump as a Voter and American Citizen, Trump believes he is above the law and can do as he pleases, it is shown daily in his attitude,speech and tweets. He ignores advice from his Secretaries and others he hired, wants to use the Justice Department to hide his own crimes and those of his cronies, and acts like the Godfather from the Mafia or MOB.  He keeps a Attorney for rough or hard times on call 24/7 to rush in and hand out payoffs and get him out of problems as needed. He acts like a mobster running a family from the White House isn’t it time someone stopped him?

Sean Hannity, Jack Kingston, Stephen Coates,Ben Ferguson, Jeanine Pirro and others ignore the proof of his crimes whether misdemeanors or felonies they blindly defend him, just repeating his words to defend him. I wonder why, you can see so many defending him saying the exact same things he says all the time, like a prepared script, don’t you?

In the end here is my opinion of the 45th President of The United States, he is a fool, a criminal, an obstructer of justice and he did in fact collude with Russia and is compromised by the Russians. Whether he got into sex acts and was peed upon or watched women in russia pee on each other, I don’t care, but I am sure he is compromised by the Russians, he doesn’t say anything or do anything to stop Russia or Putin from doing what he wants in the world, it is sad. Russia is an enemy of The United States not an ally, so why is he protecting Putin and Russia? You Tell Me?

I have lived now 62 years going on 63, I have am old enough to have seen Presidents since 1960 when John F. Kennedy was elected in. I have one thing to say I have never seen a President with less of a moral compass. less ethics, less empathy, less knowledge, or ability to conduct himself in a Presidential manner than President Donald J, Trump. He has no care or feeling about anyone other than himself, he is narcissistic, loyal only to himself and dangerous not only to America but the world too. It’s a sad, sad Presidency we are witnessing these days, and it is one tearing down the moral, ethical, logical basis of American democracy one step at a time, and if Congress leaves him in office till his term ends America will be a lost, empty shell of a country, when he finishes. I tire of fools who blindly support him, and never stop to go maybe the other side is right and there is a big problem here, the blind will lead us over a cliff to save Trump’s ass, don’t let them do it Congress step up take charge, write the Impeachment Articles and stop this madness! It is Time! Collusion alone is treasonable, Obstruction of Justice is Impeachable, Laundering of money is illegal, so why Doesn’t Congress cease this Presidency? Only one reason is possible they fear Pence more than Trump! Whatever happens I know this much, Trump’s Presidency will go down in history as the most damaging, corrupt one in American History and he will be wrote up as the worst President in american History Period, he should be labeled America’s Fiasco!






An Interesting Subject/ American Indians

A while back I wrote a little book of only 41 pages, about a mystery I made up behind Mount Rushmore concerning the Lakota Indians. While it is not a big hit I did receive a review on it that was interesting to me. Of COurse all Authors/ writers love good reviews and I am no exception to that rule and I know it is not a novel, but only a 41 page short, I still am proud of it. Here it is, it was given a 5 star review!

This is an original story that spans generations of Lakota Indians. The main character, Professor Stan Strachen, tells his own story of hidden Lakota secrets uncovered by himself while exploring in South Dakota. It’s told in a first person happening now style. The reader is experiencing everything at the same time as the main character.

This is a entertaining easy short mystery. Page turner. Impossible to predict what’s coming next.

Since writing the story which is I titled The Scepter and Throne Mystery, I have become interested in and fascinated with the plight of  the American Indians who were here before us and driven out by us the white men of the world. We took their friendship first and their help and knowledge and then pushed them out of their own land and country, one nation of Indians at a time. Sadly, the American Indians left, live mostly on reservations, in much the same way as their ancestors did, they maintain their customs and traditions and even their clothing the nest they can today, for they have a great and proud heritage.

I found a second tribe to try to write a story about recently, and to me they are just as interesting as the Lakota’s and they tried to keep their land and lifestyle too but lost, but not without a fight. Each tribe I have read of so far, tried to preserve their traditions and customs as well as their way of life by signing treaties that were never kept to by the white man and the american Government and no one tells their stories it seems, they are a forgotten part of American History, forced to live and die on reservations that have nothing to really live on. Sadly, the white men did to all races the same thing, they practically wiped them out and forced them to live by rules and regulations, destroying their spirits. They American Indians from one coast of America to the other were here first and foremost folks, and they were mistreated and cast aside and treated like garbage and people wonder why, there were the Indian Wars?

Each tribe I have read about had great leaders in the Chiefs they had, from Sitting Bull, to Chief Joseph the Elder to Chief Joseph the Younger in Oregon. Sadly, being Chiefs did not saving their people, nations or lands, because they and their people were outgunned and outmanned by the white people. Yet their stories are indeed fascinating if you read them and I encourage all to do so, for the acts, of the American Indians, show how brave they really were, how well they fought back and how they tried to negotiate peace for their people and all they wanted was to be left alone to live off the land. Sadly, as history has shown, they lost their wars and battles, even as bravely and proud as they fought, yet, I don’t want anyone to forget the American Indians that spanned this land before we did, and that taught the white man to plant food, and kill animals and how to survive in a rugged land, and they should never be forgotten!.

Cross Roads have hit, It’s Time Congress

A Question for members of Congress, both Houses, Senate and House, Don’t you think it’s time the Fiasco of a Trump Administration, in the constant state of flux and scandal, should be ended? Here is a man going on 15 months in office and with a turnover of over 100 people in his administration already, who listens to Television News and Commentators and counts on FOX News for Advice destroying our nation.

I bring this up now for obvious reasons of course, we have his affairs being aired daily with Stormy Daniels, and Karen McDougal, then we have constant changes in the Administration and a Government running on bare wheels here and no one is standing up and talking about Impeachment, why?

Let’s do a simple comparison here folks, start with Richard Nixon, Break Ins. and firings and then lying and poof he was impeached. I know he had Watergate, and so do you but Watergate was a building he sent a team into to get information on his opponents. The Congress voted to Impeach him on three counts or more, Trump has a lot more they can Impeach him on should.

Clinton, had Whitewater and Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky  and bam Impeached for lying to the American people for getting oral sex in the Oval Office. Not I remind the American People they impeached the two Presidents Nixon and Clinton, who did a lot more for the American People than Trump ever did and less wrong then he has done. So why are they not writing Articles of Impeachment right now, you tell me.

He Obstructs Justice, he has Colluded with Russia and Putin to get Elected to the Presidency of the United States, 13 Russians are indicted for crimes against the american Political system, Russians attack our infrastructure and no one does a damn thing, attacking out electric and water systems. Russians poured money into the Trump Campaign for President, paying FaceBook, Twitter and Google and others to put ads into key districts and states to get him elected. How the hell would the Russians know where to place those ads, unless told by his people? You Tell me, ok!

Manafort, Gates, Papadopulos, Flynn, and more all charged and indicted for working with Trump’s campaign and the Russians and moving money and laundering it. What the hell is Congress waiting on Impeach him already will you! Now, we have his Attorney’s office invaded by the FBI with warrants and documents seized. Trump then comes on television talking about how it is a crime against America for the FBI to do so. Bullshit!

It’s time, call your Senator or Representative, tell them enough is enough, IMpeach Trump Now!’ I know many fear Mike Pence becoming President, but I will tell you this if he is handed the Office he won’t have the gall to do what Trump has done, and he will be limited I am sure in what he can do, because Congress will be watching him closely. I know many believe Pence is more dangerous than Trump can ever be because he understand writing a law or bill, and he may try to enforce some or create some they can’t or don’t like. But I remind Congress and the Democrats of one thing, mid-term elections in 2018 are coming, and I believe the blue wave is going to take over the House and Senate. Do the American people a favor, Congress do your job, Impeach Trump, start writing the Articles now and lets get him out, before he gives the Russians and Putin the keys to The White House!

25 Years and growing !

25 Years ago this coming summer, I walked into a Tavern in the small town of Oxford, Connecticut, trying to overcome a divorce that occured two years prior, and start over. I didn’t know at the time that asking someone to dance, would lead to 25 years together, and so much adventure and much more. But I do know I would never trade that evening for any other, it led to us living together for 7 straight years and then getting married and we are still here now together seeing each other through job loses, bills, and health issues and so much more. We even shared and lived through cancer so far, hers and mine and here we still be. Our Home and cars paid off and doing all we can for the ones we love together and for each other. 25 years folks is a long term relationship for any couple, you learn to give and give and compromise and negotiate too, but you compromise because you love the one you’re with and to show you care, it’s life folks.

Would I call myself a failure in anyway in life? I asked myself that before many times when I struggled through my first mariage trying to make it work, and it didn’t, I asked it as a child in elementary school and in high school too, but I persisted enough to move on to working for a living and joining the service. Childhood was filled with beatings, pain and suffering and watching the family I was brought up in divide itself in many ways. If you ask the surviving children of my mother’s marriages you would find we all have different opinions about the life we grew up in and that is normal folks. We have different opinions on our mother and different opinions on our father or in my case step-father. Each of us were and are different individuals and I think in the end that is what it is all about in life.

Did, I  fail when I quit High School and went on to go in the service, not really for my service career spanned 16 years folks. My time was spent between the U.S. Army, U.S. Army National Guard in Connecticut and finally the U.S, Navy, I served with pride and honor and have four Honorable Discharges to prove it too. Plus I have six herniated discs in my spine to prove it too, as a Disable American Veteran. I am proud of my service and all I did for my country and would never change it.

Did, I fail in first marriage, I think not it went 12 years before the divorce was final, did I ask for the divorce no. Did I want to give up my children no, was I the one who had the problem that caused it no.  Did I deal with it well, again I would say no for I left two daughters behind, but I had no choice at the time. Did I try to make it up to them and get to know then as adults yes, so I did all I could. So while the marriage failed, I really didn’t.

The Second marriage mine right now is a 25 year relationship, and I am proud of all we have accomplished together ad I love my Melinda to pieces, we are old now. I am 62 and she is 77, but age never mattered and it will never matter. You know when something is right, and just go with it and that’s how it all went here for both of us. We went through our ups and downs and ins and outs and much more, but we have never waivered or looked elsewhere we survived and always will.

We both are now cancer survivors, her twice over, and me once and through it all, we never once thought of  running, leaving, or changing the hands dealt to us both. I love my wife and always will till I die. and vice versa is true too. She made me who I am today, I went to College and got a Degree due to her pushing and helping me. She is a Graduate of UConn here in Connecticut too.  We are not rich and will never be but we get by well enough for two people together.

25 Years is a long time folks, and I am proud to say I hope it goes longer and longer, forever, yet I also know cancer can end it all at any time. My Wife has gone from Breast Cancer in 2006, to the cancer spreading to her bones in 2016 and it is now 2018. Radiation and Chemo in 2006, slowed it down, but it came back in 2016 in her bones now. In between I suffered lung cancer myself and lost a lobe and one third of my right lung, but she stood by me and I by her.

Years from now after we are both long gone, they will find us buried side by side, because that is where we belong together forever!


Van Jones, Truths and Trump and CNN

Van Jones is a great reporter and a sensible person he points out things that make sense and those that don’t. He speaks of subjects others don’t, he speaks of threats to democracy, threats to the world environment and so much more.  Trump is selling America to Putin and the Russians one step at a time, if we pull out of Syria, Al Qaeda will be back in. Now he is putting Military on our southern border, to keep mexicans and others out. Sadly, America is losing from his tariffs, and he is hurting american farmers and  more by doing them. The stock markets plummet daily and weekly hundreds of points at a time and people are losing their hard fought and earned money they invested in for their future. I admire Van Jones for all he does on tv as a commentator and host of his own show. I admire David Axelrod too, as well as John King, Jake Tapper, and all of CNN’s reporters who try to make sense of the Trump era bullshit.

Van Jones also is racially blind, he doesn’t care what color you are, he is worrying more and more about what happens to all of us, more than anything else.  David Axelrod is the same way , color blind and only wanting to improve the world, the reporters of CNN do their reporting no matter what color you are, what party you belong to and they don’t stop because your democrat or republican, black, white, yellow or red. They report facts and then let even foolish Trump supporters speak out on the air on their station and news shows.  They give equal time to both political parties, and all issues and yet they get labeled by Trump as fake news. Folks the false news is Fox News not CNN, and they push their bullshit daily, at all of America and get away with it.  Sadly, too many Americans stand still, supporting Trump as he is president when they don’t understand what he is doing to the greatest country on the planet, he is killing us. They are blinded because they were angry with Hillary Rodham Clinton and didn’t want her in office as President, but they made the wrong choice folks, you all really did, the ones who elected this man in. Not only are you now, suffering like the rest of us, more so now though because of Trump’s tariff threats, those who voted for him in the center of the country will lose jobs, and money next. China is not stupid, they aimed right at the Trump States that got him elected. You suffer now as the rest of us are, and in the end if you have a brain you will push to Impeach Trump.

I write not as a Pro but for Therapy For PTSD, for Myself!

I am not an editor, nor am I a English major, I write it’s what I do. If i were an Editor of or a Publisher with an Editing team I could clean up my books and put beautiful covers on them and sell them for a lot more than I do, and I only sell a few.

I have written stories of my childhood days, my problems days, my days as a black sheep of my family, of feelings of being unwanted, of physical abuse and punishments I recieved, of being locked away behind a black iron fence for two year and more. I have written Mysteries of murder and even love stories. I even did poetry and Advice Books on Writing styles.  All of it is therapeutic for me, since I suffer from PTSD from my childhood and from my military life. My Brother and sister both believe I am full of shit when I tell my stories of my childhood, for they lived in the same family and home. My Older brother knows some of it, for he lived it, but used sports to escape it all and was protected by our mother. I got the brunt of all the anger from both parents who raised me and  yet I survived, things, like being pulled from bed in the middle of the night and beaten, thrown down stairs, beaten with boards and pips and being told I could be buried in the backyard and forgotten. All Occurred in my childhood and unlike my elder brother I had no escape, I was a sports hero or loved by an adoring public and fan base, I was a kid who was a hyperactive, attention deficit suffer, trying to survive. I have told the tale to many and written on it many times, yet, it doesn’t sell because of editorial mistakes and subject matter, people don’t want to read or hear. They frown on it all and go, it can’t be real, no way, but it was and is.

Now, I write stories of love, mysteries and poems still but not as often, and when I do, I try to slow down and make them longer for people say what I write is good, but needs editing and to be longer to sell as books and my pricing is wrong. I sell most of what I write on Amazon KIndle E-Books on their web sites, maybe one every few months if I am lucky, I am no Stephen King, Dan Brown, or Agatha Christie or any other famous Author, I was never an english major, grammer type and my punctuation stinks I am told. I write only to get out that which I need to deal with to survive, as a process of relieving pain, hurt, suffering, experiences that all affect who I am today. Or every once in a while I will make upa story entirely as I got along, and just write it quickly and not edit it much and release it for e-book only.

Now what, I am doing is reducing many books or items I wrote to .99 cents a copy on Amazon Kindle E-Books, here is my Author Page Link if anyone is interested in looking at some:

Feel Free to copy and paste and look For yourself Please

Which ones do people seem to like the best well here is all I can tell you,